The Sea of Ch'i Chakra

Secondary (Yin) Chakra (front)

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About three finger widths below the navel is a minor chakra, called in Chinese the Chi Hai or "Sea of Chi" point, and in the Tantric teachings of Goraknath the Uddyana-adhara, this chakra is located between the navel and the genitals; according to Mantak Chia three finger widths below the navel.[Chia, p.178].

The Christian Esotericist Ann Ree Colton describes this chakra as beng two inches below the navel, and a repository of white light, virality, and vitality, which invigorates the life-force of all chakras and nadis [Colton, Kundalini West, pp.56, 63-4]

Physically this centre supports the intestines and urinary organs; psychologically (according to Sri Aurobindo, who refers to it as the abdominal centre and identifies it with the swadhishthana) it is intermediate between the psyche and physiological being, and corresponds to the small desires and feelings of everyday life, such as food desire, sexual desire, etc.

Spiritually, according to Taoist alchemy, this is the forward point for the Lower "Elixar Field" ) where the practicioner "gathers, blends, and cooks" his or her sexual, vital, and spiritual energies [Chia, p.177] : the first stage in the generation of an immortal spirit being (equivalent to the Western Alchemical "Philosopher's Stone" or "Elixar of Youth").  The Lower, Middle, and Upper Tien Tan, and the "Soul Seat" which is located between the Middle and the Upper Tien Tan, are all located in the central or universal chi nadi, which links the Perineal and the Crown Chakras.

The Sea of Chi Chakra is closely associated with the Navel Chakra, and according to Mantak Chia for meditative purposes can be considered one and the same; i.e., it is not necessary to focus on each one seperately when practising the microcosmic orbit.


Colour: Colton - Brilliant White.

Associated Psychological states:

Balanced and Open: You have a sense of creativity and personal power [Chia, p.191], and a playful and joyous attitude towards life [Paulson, p.125].

Overactive: Your existence is dominated by all the trivial things of life: desire for food or sex, petty likes and dislikes, vanity, quarrelling, love of praise and anger at blame [Aurobindo, p.334].

Malfunctioning: You have a humourless, rigid attitude towards things [Paulson, p.125].

Blocked: You have a fear of life and a lack of joy [Paulson, p.80]

Further suggested Correspondences:

Physical body: Lower abdomen
Psychological faculty: Physical desires
Occult faculty: Forward point for the Lower Tan T'ien.

Associated major chakra


Third Chakra

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