The Shoulder-Blades Chakra

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As described in Taoism, the Gai Pe center is located between the fifth and sixth thoracic vertebrae, between the shoulder-blades and opposite the heart chakra. This is a region of hot (yang) energy pertaining to the will. This centre also works with the heart chakra in the front of the body to activate happiness, peace, love and joy [Chia, p.210].


Spokes/Petals: Hindu Tantra - 12; Tibetan Buddhism -8; Tansley - 12; Paulson - 12

Element: Hindu Tantra - Air (Smoke-coloured Star); Tibetan Buddhism -Mind or Spirit

Colours: Hindu Tantra - Smoke coloured (petals: red, vermillion, yellow, blue-yellow, and white); Tibetan Buddhism -White; Paulson - Green.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You have a feeling of freedom and a deep sense of the meaning of life and the universe [Chia, p.211], and feel your will to be in harmony with the Divine Will [Brennan, p.76]. You have a well-developed will-power and a willingness to really live life [Paulson, p.70]; you are driven to embrace your life, enjoy it, learn from it, use it to grow personally, and discover your Divine origins [Paulson, p.131].

Overactive: You are impulsive and lacking in caution, especially in situations where caution is required [Paulson, p.70]

Malfunctioning: (e.g. active but rotating anti-clockwise) You see the universe as a hostile place, and you react aggressively to your environment [Brennan, pp.76-7]

Blocked: You lack will-power and motivation; you have a fear of life and cannot put your heart into actions [Paulson, p.70]. You feel burdened, hopeless, and full of melancholy [Chia, p.211], and sometimes even lack the will to live [Paulson, p.70].

The Shoulder-Blade Chakra at different octaves

Because this is such a complex chakra, it might be interesting to look at it as it functions in several different octaves of being: gross, subtle, and causal

On the etheric-body level, this centre acts as a pump that sends chi energy to higher centres [Mantak Chia, Awaken Healing Light, p.210].

On the gross and lower subtle emotional and mental levels, it is as Barbara Brennan explains, the centre of ego-self and will-power; the centre from which we act in the external physical world [Brennan, pp.76-7]. When this centre is over-active it produces an immoral, irresponsible individual [Tansley, Radionics & the Subtle Anatomy of Man, p.41].

While on the higher subtle and causal levels, this is the Angel-chakra, the centre that governs the angel-wings that enable spiritual travel and also protect the traveller [Mantak Chia, Awaken Healing Light, p.210]. This symbolic reference to wings and to spiritual flight links also to the Egyptian representation of the Ba or Soul as a human-headed bird, as well as winged deities such as Isis and Maat, and to the symbolic association in both Tantra and Kabbalah of the Anahata or Tifaret (respectively) with the element Air.

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