Archetypal Chakras - Metaphysical Musings

Sant Mat teachings of the Sawan-Kirpal tradition describes the primary chakras in terms of correspondences at each of the levels of being; so that the spiritual being on each of the major cosmic levels has its chakras. The Sant Mat cosmology would seem to relate to the emanationist dimension of reality. The implication is that each of these cosmic levels has its own compliment or octave (the "vertical" axis) of chakras and hence follows the same template of consciousness. Exactly the same idea is found in Kabbalah, where each of the four (or in Lurianic Kabbalah five) worlds is described as having its own compliment of ten sefirot. One might plausibly suppose that whereas the chakras are microcosmic, the sefirot are macrocosmic, but ultimately, when allowance is taken for the different scale of being, they are the same reality.

Thus both Sant Mat (directly) and Kabbalah (indirectly) imply that there is not just one set of primary chakras, but a number of octaves, in which the same archetypal template appears in successive "concentric" levels of Inner Consciousness and Being. This enables a little exercise in metaphysical speculation, which should not be taken as dogmatic fact, but simply intuitive musings on my part.

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(Note - the following is incomplete and will be supplemented with a table showing the various chakras in two dimensions or paremters of consciousness)

The Secondary and Tertiary chakras - i.e. the chakras of the aura and subtle body, pertain to the subtle and/or inner nature (such as the etheric body and astral-etheric octaves) or the Subtle Physical psychophysical being. These are the most accessible, because they are closest to and affect our ordinary consciousness.

As the archetypal template of these outer or tertiary chakras are the "inner subtle chakras, which represent (relative to the secondary chakras) the archetypal or primary octave. Here we see symbolic associations, correspondences, mantric seed syllables, and so on. These allow the individual to contact those elements and principles in the inner-subtle reality. This might be onsidered the level at which Tantra mostly works.

"Within" or "beyond" (note that this should not be understood in a literal sense, as in esotericism as a whole these words are used as analogies) the Inner-Subtle or Primary chakras are the causal aspects or counterparts or archetypes of the Primary chakras. Here we are now at the level of primary deities, and very profound cosmic forces.

Going even further, "within" or "beyond" these are supracausal chakras which are of the nature of divine-archetypal Spirit totally beyond material and phenomenal reality. It might be assumed that these are not chakras as such but potentialities of consciousness

There is no reason why there cannot be even more refined and ineffable octaves, pertaining to Divine Love, Empathy, and Compassion (in Buddhism "Mahakaruna"), and the the Absolute itself, but obviously about these nothing can be said

Tantric yoga pertains primarily to the Subtle level (and more rarely the Causal). The octaves beyond that are so refined that they cannot be accessed in normal yoga, in fact if you attain those levels it means you are already a great master and realised adept. Theosophical and Radhasoami (Sant Mat) references to great individuals in the spiritual realms (Masters and Sants) may be inspired by glimpses of these realitries, and perhaps occaisonal contact from them.

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