Chakras qualities

from Oscar Marcel Hinze, Tantra Vidya, p.32

Central Sound and peripheral sound

Each element is characterized by a particular sound made visible with the help of a Devanagari letter in the middle of the lotus. We shall name it the "Central Sound" of the lotus (Bijamantra the seed-sound). The element owes its existence to the central sound. The individual petals of the lotus, too, bear Devanagari letters. We shall here speak of the "peripheral sounds".

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Bindu or Anurvara

Above every letter one can see a point (Bindu, Anusvara). The pronunciation of the letter will, therefore, always ensue as nasalized. This shows that the letters serve a sacred aim in this context.

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Devata and Shakti (Devi)

A Bindu is a place where a divinity reveals itself. In the letters themselves there is manifested the shaping operative force of this divinity. This is the female (S'akti) while the corresponding god (Devata) is male. In each the Bindu a Devati emerges into manifestation. Beside him (marked out-side the Bindu), there is a S'akti - the "queen" of this centre. These two central divinities - Devati and S'akti (who is also called Devi) - form the ruling pair of divinities of this centre. Each lotus-flowers points to such a ruling divine pair.

text (slightly modified) from Oscar Marcel Hinze, Tantra Vidya, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, Varanasi, Patna, 1979

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