The distribution of the Devanagari letters in the seven Chakras

from Oscar Marcel Hinze, Tantra Vidya, p.30

With this distribution of the letters, the sequence of the Devanagari letters is given. Only, the beginning of the same lies in the 16 petalled lotus a, a, i, i, etc. which continue towards below over all the lotus flowers in which, every time, beginning is made to the right above. Therefore after ah (end of the 16-petalled lotus) comes ka (beginning of the 12-petalled lotus); after tha (end of the 12-petalled lotus) follows da (beginning of the l0 petalled lotus), etc. upto the last letter (sa) in the 4-petalled lotus. The alphabet ends with the letters Ha and Ksa. But according to the Tantric texts, the cultic alphabet in reality consists of 51 letters, of which the last three are Ha, Lla (cerebral La) and Ksa. For a particular purpose, only 50 letters are used, either Lla or Ksa being omitted from the original alphabet. The 51-lettered alphabet occurs, unabridged, once in the interior of the 1000 petalled lotus in the form of a triangle. The first 16 letters (a to ah form one side of the triangle. The next 16 letters (ka to ta) form the second, the 16 letters following them (tha to sa) form the third side of the triangle. The remaining three letters, Ha, Lia, Ksa are found Inside the triangle in the three corner points. (cf. Serpent Power, p.485.)

text and diagram from Oscar Marcel Hinze, Tantra Vidya, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, Varanasi, Patna, 1979

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