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The five gifts of the root chakra

by Khalid Malik

There are those who court the heart chakra looking for love both internally and externally. Then there are some who seek to energise the brow chakra looking to peer across the divide into realms unknown and finally there are a few who wish to harmonise the crown chakra and so discover the oneness of creation.

Personally, I am a root chakra person; this chakra, when energised provides focus and clarity. Imagine gathering all the strands that make up who you are and pulling them together into whole and complete being, this is the first gift of a harmonised root chakra.

Roots that go as deep as the earth's core are the foundations of this energy centre giving strength that can endure all the worlds tumbles and upheavals this is the second gift of this wonder-filled chakra.

And with these deep roots comes a connection to a being so vast and wise that its first communion will change ones life forever. This being, this mother is perhaps the only source of true unconditional love in the physical world and this forms the third gift of a balanced root chakra.

Mother earth, by some called Gaia, has a more fabled gift for those who would form a union with her through their root chakras. This fourth gift comes in the form of knowledge, perhaps, the most fundamentally important knowledge of all. Should you divine deep with your root chakra you will encounter a message from the earth, a message that shatters the chaos that often surrounds us. Shatters it by bringing a clear and unequivocal message. The fourth gift is a message that answers the question "Where am I?"

Life is a journey, a path to be followed, but to have any chance of making sense of this journey a crucial piece of information is needed and that is the answer to "where am I?" a balanced and energised root chakra provides this knowledge as its fourth gift.

The root chakra is all about the physical; the universe that we can touch is in the realm of the root chakra. This being the case when one energises this profoundly material chakra one gets an undeniable sense that we are human beings having a spiritual experience. This is the fifth gift of this chakra.

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content by Khalid Malik
page uploaded 5 December 2006