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At present, links to other sites on chakras are scattered among different pages on this site. This page includes some generic links (but it won't be an definitive or exhaustive links listing, that's too big a task!)

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Chakra Theory - Chakra Symbology PresentationChakra Theory - Chakra Symbology Presentation - a very interesting project that builds on the material on this (Kheper) site. The author says:

"I have been studying the chakras for quite some time and it has not been until recently that I have been able to put into words this content. I accredit much of the underlying structure presented bere to the works I discovered at On top of that I have woven the fabric of my own meditations and insights into a language with which to describe the inner and outer workings of the chakras. Not only has provided a solid presentation on the chakras, but many other ancient and esoteric teachings as well. You may note that there are differences in how astrological influences are presented both here and at, but its important to remember that this sort of inconsistency is common throughout the various resources. "

Includes - The Chakra System, The Caduceus Symbol, and The Planetary Influences

PDF format Chakra Informational Packet, by esoteric healer and teacher Bryan Bertsch

website Gryphon - An account of cycles of meditations revealing the structure and purpose of the Spiritual Organs (Chakras) within each human being. (from an Anthroposophical persective)

web page Chakra Test - Take this chakra test to find out how open each of your seven chakras is.

web page Chakra Mandalas - a series of vibrant and detailed mandala drawings/ paintings on the 7 chakras

web page Charkra Music

"The concept behind the album was to produce a CD of unique music to help focus on the chakras while meditating. This album focuses delicately on the mood of each chakra. Each piece is set in the note of the Chakra, the mood and emotion of the chakra with carefully selected instruments to produce the exact ambience. The music is all digitally recorded. The title as shown in the photo CD cover is the Music of the Chakras."

Wikipedia link Chakra - Wikipedia page. Started out fairly reliant on information from this site (and still includes this), but has since added a lot of additional material.

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