Notes on functioning of the chakras

In the review of each of the chakras, only the psychological characteristics of the chakras along the Governor and Functional Channels have been described in detail (these are referred to as the secondary chakras). There are also what could be considered the primary or archetypal chakras located along the Central Channel, which pertain to occult and spiritual states of consciousness. The other chakras in the body - the chakras associated with the major organs, the chakras in the limbs and the hands and feet, and the companion and tertiary chakras associated with the main secondary and primary ones - have not been described at all, as these do not seem to pertain to psychological states or functioning

Since we are dealing here back and front chakras, rather than the central or the peripheral ones, I have in this review followed the sequence of the Taoist teacher Mantak Chia, who in his description of the Microcosmic Orbit, starts with the Navel Chakra, then proceeds down the front of the body, up the back, around the top of the head, then down the front and back to the navel-centre

The entry on each chakra is divided into a number of sections.

First there is a short description of each chakra and its various functions.

Then a number of correspondences are given: the number of "petals" or "spokes" of each chakra, according to the particular esoteric system; the element or tattwa ("principle") associated, if any, is given; and finally the colours attributed to that chakra by different writers and teachings are listed. All these correspondences should be understood to be symbolic and metaphoric only, not hard objective facts. Note that not every chakra has had correspondences attached to it by different writers

Finally there is a detailed description of the personality types and psychological strengths and weakenesses associated with each chakra. In order to make the meanings more direct, and also to save space, these entries are written in second-person pronoun ("you"). Read through these and see if any are applicable to you

Each chakra is described here in terms of four modes of functioning.

"Balanced and Open" refers to the optimal and most harmonious level of functioning.

"Overactive" means overactive in relation to the other chakras. This is not necessarily something bad; in fact, many positive virtues can derive from such a chakra. It is only negative, or "overactive", in the sense that its energies tend to overwhelm the energies of the other chakras. The goal therefore is not to shut this chakra down, but to raise all the others to the same heightened level of functioning

"Malfunctioning" could mean any unhealthy or distorted mode of functioning. A malfunctioning chakra may also be "overactive", or it could also be "blocked." Only a few possible malfunctions are given here

"Blocked" means that the energy of the chakra is blocked. The chakra may be weak, closed, or malfunctioning in some other way, but whatever the case, the normal flow of energy isn't able to get through. The person therefore suffers a lack in that part of their life

note: These four modes need not be contradictory. A chakra may be overactive on the level of one subtle body, but blocked on the level of another. Indeed, this appears to be frequently the case. The type of consciousness the chakra processes also tends to vary according to the subtle body. More spiritual consciousness pertains to the higher subtle bodies, and more earthy consciousness to the lower ones. The aim is not to deny the lower at the expense of the higher, but to have all the subtle bodies functioning together, so that you have your feet solidly planted on the Earth while your inspiration can range high up in the heavens

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