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Intersubjective Stages of Transformation
"Worldcentric"/ Pluralistic/Holistic

Second Tier vMemes

Spiral Dynamics has a 2nd tier in addition to the first. Here, and also Wilberian Integral Theory, "Second Tier" is directly equivalent to, and in part inspired, the stage of transformation that I call (for sake of a better word) holistic

To save the hassle of reinventing the wheel, I took the following from Wikipedia link from Wikipedia, but with graphics added:

The Spiral Dynamics theory sees the following systems as emerging levels that gradually move away from a focus on subsistence-level concerns of the First Tier, and towards a being-level existence. The existence of two different tiers of psychological development was introduced by the founder Graves. Cowan claims it is possible Graves introduced the tier system as a marketing instrument. Up to today there is no research evidence the two tiers exist. Cowan no longer supports the existence of two tiers but claims the only thing now known about the Yellow and Turquoise systems is that they are more complex versions of Orange and Green. The open-ended theory suggests that the levels Coral and beyond are not yet substantially formed and will solidify as a greater portion of society develops towards those memes.

From 1950s on
"Express self for what self desires, but to avoid harm to others so that all life, not just own life, will benefit."

From 1970s on
"A sacrifice self-interest system which is still forming."

As with the "first tier" I find this reductionist chronology extremely simplistic and misleading. For the rest, I don't see the contrast between these two levels, unlike the first tier where the differences seem to be more obvious

The following is from a page that is no longer on the Web. Once again, I've added the graphics:

Systemic-integrative"YELLOW 'Integrative' MEME 7th Awakening

Graves Code: G-T

Basic theme: Live fully and responsibly as what you are and learn to become.

Characteristic beliefs and actions:

Where seen: Carl Sagan's astronomy, Peter Senge's organizations, Stephen Hawking's 'Brief History of Time,' W. Edwards Deming's objectives, Paul Newman's version of stardom, chaos theory, appropriate technology ,eco-industrial parks (using each other's outflows as raw materials), early episodes of TV's Northern Exposure, Fel-Pro, Inc. (a gasket manufacturer), Fred Alan Wolf's 'new physics', Deepak Chopra's 'Ageless Body.' (Link to Amazon com Beck & Cowan, p. 47)

Holistic "TURQUOISE 'Holistic' MEME 8th Awakening

Graves Code: H-U

Basic Theme: Experience the wholeness of existence through mind and spirit.

Characteristic beliefs and actions:

Where seen: Theories of David Bohn, McLuhan's 'global village,' Gregory Stock's Metaman, Rupert Sheldrake and morphic fields, Gandhi's ideas of pluralistic harmony, Ken Wilber's 'Spectrum of Consciousness,' James Lovelock's 'Gaia hypothesis,' Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's 'noosphere.'" (Link to Amazon com Beck & Cowan, p. 48)

The difference would seem to be that "Yellow" is still materialism and scientism, but a sort of extended or holistic materialism/scientism, whereas Turquoise includes a more spiritual-material New Paradigm holistic worldview. However, I don't see any difference here, as both are still exoteric, and non-gnostic; and indeed I would expect scientists and systems thinkers to be just as expansicve in their understanding as New Paradigm/New Consciousness holists. the only difference is that they approach things from a rational-empirical rather than a rational-intuitive level. Since the difference is simply one of polarity, there is absolutely no justification for considering these wto categories as pertaining to different stages of consciousness.

After Wilber broke with Beck and his Spiral Dynamics, he developed his own system, called "altitude", in which there are only two levels in 2nd tier. This is in contrast to Clare Graves' original formulation. He also changes the colours to a single, and in my opinion less appropriate spectrum (so blue, representing conservative inward-looking traditional religion, becomes amber, which has nothing to do with that level of consciousness), thus flattening all the subtlty of the original Spiral Dynamics system. To external link quote Bill Harryman (writing in 2005, before Wilber's Integral Spirituality book came out)

"In Clare Graves's original model, the second tier would have been a recapitulation of the first tier, but at a higher level. This means that the second tier would have six vMemes just like the first tier, with each one being a higher-order version of its first-tier version. (Example: Yellow is the second-tier, higher-order version of Beige, and Turquoise is the second-tier, higher-order version of Purple.)

...Wilber clearly has seen the popularity and ease-of-use of color coding, but his new system loses some of the subtlety of SD, especially the warm color/cool color alternation, which maps the shift from self/outer focus to group/inner focus and back again.

I like Wilber's new system, and I see the value in what he is doing, but I dislike the impact this will have on Spiral Dynamics. It feels like a betrayal. But then, Wilber has always viewed SD as a simple values line system, not as a whole and complete system."

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