The Exoteric Perspective

The Exoteric perspective in this context means the "outer" (exo-), in the sense of the outer or surface or everyday consciousness.  This is the form of consciousness that is most familiar, based as it is on the everyday waking state and the experience of the self or ego as a finite entity separate from other entities and from the universe.

Two of the most potent memetic fruits of Exoteric Consciousness are Science and Religion.

Science uses hypothesis, experiment, and falsification to arrive at an understanding of Physical Reality that, whilst never absolutely true, does still provide us with a greater insight into external physical reality than any rival systems of understanding.

Religion presents a mythologised, distorted, watered down account of the original esoteric insights of great spiritual teachers like Jesus and Buddha.  It is necessary to clear away the totalitarian dogma of a religion in order to arrive at the spiritual essence that lies hidden there; that is the task of mysticism (the esoteric side of religion).

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