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The Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon

The Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon is named after Robert Louis Stevenson's archetypal tale of a man who is taken over by his dark side, and become in that way an entrenched metaphor of the shadow.

I use this term here in a much more restricted sense, to refer to a phenomenon I have observed across the board. I have seen it not just among certain Sai Baba and to a lesser extent Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet devotees, but also in the case of a Marxist I corresponded with. The similarities between the religious cultist and the supposedly secular Marxist made me realise that this is a common pattern of behavior; rather than being unique to guruist cultists, it seems to be entrenched in human nature. It applies in the case of spurned lovers, friends who fall out and become enemies, and so on. It is, as I said, universal.

But the Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon is particularly obvious in cultic, religious, and polemical groups, probably because of the huge degree of ego-idealisation and shadow projection that these groups engage in.

How it works is this. If you seen to be sympathetic to, agreeing with, or even simply interested in a detached sort of way, then the person with a cause will be very happy because here is someone else, a fellow traveller, a comrade in arms, someone who understands what they are saying, and what is so extremely important to them, and will therefore project their ego/anima/animus-ideal on you, and see you in a very positive way, be very friendly to you, and so on. This phenomenon works regardless of gender, although when gender is involved pother things come into it too.

So everything goes hunky dory. But if you ever start seriously questioning their ideology, religion, or belief, and again this is the same regarding whether they are secular ideologues, religionists, or full on cultists, there is a very dramatic change, and a huge amount of hostility, shadow projection and even paranoia comes into play. It is fascinating to observe this similar pattern of behaviour in these different areas. This seems to indicate that perhaps these different phenomena of human identification are not so distinct after all. Cults and cultic worship of abusive gurus merge into philosophies like Integral theory and Marxism, so that there is the same pattern of defensiveness and emotionalism once criticisms are raised. It is as if all these people cannot stand to be criticised; their egos are so insecure and so bound up in their belief-system, so that an attack on their belief-system becomes an attack on them. It is this sudden dramatic "flip", how they go from being friend to enemy almost instantaneously, because you dare to look critically at what they believe in, that constitutes The Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon.

He then are some common themes:

In short, these people are incapable of rational discussion. It is this reason that makes them flip in the first place. Quite likely they are sitting on an insecurity, which they cannot admit, even to themselves. Especially not to themselves. So at the slightest excuse they will project everything negative in them, all their ugl8ibness, onto whoever dares criticise the total validity of what they are saying.

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