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Lisa De Witt

I haven't had as much to do with Lisa De Witt as I have with Gerald Joe Moreno. She contacted me and we had a brief email correspiondence. At that time I was still sympathetic to Sai Baba so we got on well.

I found her to be a very nice and friendly person if you agree with or support her, but aggressive and antagonistic if you question what she is saying, or think that maybe some of the allegations are true. When it first happened I was really taken aback, because I know that Lisa is a devotee of Saiu Baba, and my own experience with Sai Devotees some 15 to 25 years ago is that theye were all very decent people. Yet here is someone who as a devotee should follow the spiritual teachings of their guru, but who is behaving in the most unspiritual way themselves. I also saw the same pattern in Moreno, and this is one of major things that made me realise there is something very wrong in how these people carry on. What is the point of following the teachings of a guru if it makes you a worse person, or encourages your negative side but doesn't bring out the positive?

De Witt is enthusiastic about conspiracy theories, mostly concerning the CIA, and considers that ex-devotees are dupes of the CIA, Christian fundamentalists, pornographers, etc. Originally I was favourably disposed to her because she favours the "left" in attacking the CIA etc, and so I thought that she must be onto something with her conspiracy theories, even though I would get a headache trying to read it. That itself should have alerted me. Afterwards I became suspicious because she has external link so much antagonism towards ex-devotees that it makes one wonder how reliable and unbiased the rest of her claims are.

Lisa and Moreno work together in supporting Sai Baba and denying any allegations against him; they share an absolute inflexibility of understanding, a puritanical morality, and using of slander and muck raking rather than intelligent debate to try to score points (which in any case is totally against the teachings of the guru they claim to follow). They are also alike in having a highly aggressive and antagonistic attitude towards anyone who disagrees with them.

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