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Antagonism on the part of False and Ambigious Gurus and their followers

A really, good way to tell if a guru is genuine on the one hand, or ambigious or false on the other, is to look at the way that they and their followers respond to criticism. If the response is full of negativity, aggressiveness, hostility, hypersenstitivity, paranoia, narcissism, shadow projection, and so on, then they are not genuine. The very best you can say about them is that are stuck in the Intermediate zone. But do you really want to follow a so-called guru with only a very partial realisation, and huge amount of egoic baggage? Do you really want to put your lives in the hands of a person like that?

On the other hand, if even when criticised and slandered a guru or teacher gives only the mildest replies, or ignores what is said all together, that is a good sign, not infallible, buit still quite good, that threy have something really genuine about them.

The following is a possible tentative rating scheme in this area, from authentic spiritual teacher to extremely abusive false guru, as regards to their response to (fair or unfair, it doesn't matter) criticism:

A lot of reference has been made on these pages to abusive gurus, but an antagonistic attitude towards, and even harassment of, Critics and Ex-devotees is one form of abusive behaviour in which the devoteeor follower fully partakes, and is the doer, rather than the receiver or victim, as in other examples of ambigious or abusive so-called guru behaviour. Here truly we see the ugliness of both false guru and follower evident for all to see.

Do you have reports of, or have you been the victim of, an antagonistic guru or their followers? If so, please contact me and I will add your accounts to those listed here. Alternatively, do you feel that my assessment of your guru on this or other pages has been harsh, unfair, biased, or bigoted? If so, contact me also, so that I might correct any errors or, if the guru is ambigiious, present both sides of the argument.

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