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Avidya / Ignorance

As defined here, "Ignorance" refers not ordinary ignorance in the sense of lack of knowledge, wrong views, willful stupidity or simply innocent not knowing of a particular topic. Rather, it refers to the mode of the ordinary surface personality or outer being, unenlightened by the larger knowledges and insights of the enlightened mind.

Ignorance is the starting point, and there is nothing wrong with that; most sentient beings are enmeshed in ignorance, or to use the more precise sanskrit term avidya (non-knowing), which is at the root cause of samsara (going around and around - as in the wheel of rebirth) and conditioned existence.

Beyond ignorance is enlightenment, but enlightenment does not necessarily confer Liberation. It may only pertain to the Intermediate Zone. Indeed, many gurus are not authentic Sadgurus, but rather are only at the level of the Intermediate Zone, although they think they have attained the highest realisation. There is also however the Fake Guru, the Superficial Guru, and the Delusional Guru, who lack even that partial awakening, and are totally limited to the outer personality and surface mind and feelings. These individuals either maliciously or genuinely set themselves up as gurus, in order to benefit from the money to made in the New Age supermarket (through getting people to enroll in expernseive workshops), and in the case of the sincere ones believing they have something of benefit to confer. But even those latter who do, still present only a very limited understanding relative to what can be attained in true liberation.

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