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The Generous (Selfless) Narcissistic Guru

The Generous or Selfless (in the ssense of not being selfish) Narcissistic Guru is a strange paradox. They occupy one of the very ambiguous regions of the moral compass. On the one hand they are puffed up with narcissistic ego and pride and self-delusion; everything revolves around them, and they cannmot tolerate the slightest criticism. This is the very opposite of the sadguru or enlightened being. On the other hand they are totally giving and generaous with their time and energy, they are not just nonabusive alone, they are full on always putting the needs of others before their own. In this regard they are like a sadguru or sage or bodhisattva, and may be (incorrectly) identified as such (I have noticed this with Ken Wilber, an important New Age "guru").

The differ from the sage however in one very important point. For them, generosity and self-giving is conditional. If you support them, agree with them, stroke their ego, they will be the best person in the world. If you say a word of criticism, or want to do things your way, even if your way is genuinely the better way, they cannot tolerate it. They flip out, do a real a Jekyll and Hyde, and go into full shadow projection mode

The reason for this is that it's all about them. It's all about them and their ego. Therefore these are not very good people to adopt as gurus. If they are highly charismatic, as they may bem, and inspire and uplift many, then you have a very typical Intermediate Zone phemonenon.

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