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The Neutrally Egoless Guru

The moral compass used here has two parameters. These are

The first pair refers to the way the person sees themself. The whole definition of enlightenment is freedom from ego and sense of "I". In the provisional classification used here, this occurs at the level of the middle or higher Intermediate Zone Guru. So if there is a sense of self and egotism, they at best have attained only the Early or Lower Intermediate Zone.

The second parameter is the way they respond to others.

Between each of the extremes there is a middle position which is neutral,

So if a guru acts in a Neutrally Egoless way, what it means is that in themself they have ceased to identify with the limited psycho-physical entity, but they still have barriers because they are not totally giving; there is still a holding back. If they were truly enlightened, truly a sadguru, there could be no sense of sepration between themselves and otehrs, and they would be totally giving, totally loving, even towards those who annoy them. Even towards their enemies. They wouldn't simply tolerate people, they would go out of their way to make sure that their devotees were comfortable, satisfied etc. This was made very clear in the life of Ramana Maharshi, a true sadguru and one of the greatest sages and teachers of the 20th century.

The Neutrally Egoless Guru therefore represents a type of Intermediate Zone Guru that is nonabusive. They have insight and enlightenment to the degree that they no longer identify with the separate self, and they are decent enough and intrinsically spiritual enough that they will not abuse the position of trust that others have placed in them. To this degree they have a heart-centered development. But they have not reached the "final" goal (which is not really final, just the beginning of a greater journey, if that is what one chooses), because there are still barriers there.

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