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The Neutrally Narcissistic Guru

In terms of the moral compass used here, the Neutrally Narcissistic Guru stands in the opposite position on the same parameter to the Neutrally Egoless Guru. Whereas the Neutrally Egoless Guru has transcxended attachment to the limited personality involved in the stream oif consciousness, and in that way has ceased to identify with the limited psycho-physical entity, the Neutrally Narcissistic Guru has become caught up in inflation and delusion. Both reject, or are spiritual enough not to give in to, the temptation for abusive behaviour towards their followers. Both in other words are nonabusive, while at the same time also maintaining barriers and holding back, not being totally giving. But the Neutrally Egoless Guru is closer to the position of sadguru, because they at leats have gone beyond the limiations of the finite self. The Neutrally Narcissistic Guru on the other hand has become totally comnsumed in the fantasie sof the limited self; they are in this regard even more deluded than the average person, who at least has a sense of humility or balance about them.

The Neutrally Narcissist seems to suffer from identification with an attractor, (or in psychological jargon, inflation). Thinking their limited selves in this sense to be vast and god-like, they become a puppet of lower astral forces. This seems to be a common danger in the highly psuychically charged and alluring world of the Intermediate Zone.

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