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HWL Poonja (Papaji) - M; 1910-1997; India
Official? website Advaita Vedanta Nondual Intermediate Zone - Subtle, Transcendent neutral egolessness None Very large following, esp. through large number of initiated westerners who themselves became gurus
Comments: - Devotee of Ramana Maharshi, considered enlightened by many, highly regarded in the West, due to the large number of "ambassadors" or "messengers". A powerful figure, who transmitted on the level of the Intermediate zone. In this way he enabled Ramana's teachings and Light to spread greatly to the West; Ramana himself is too pure and elevated, and hence a very physical individual like Papaji was required to break through the crust of Western grossness and give them a taste of Ramana's Enlightenment. However none of his Western disciples seem to have gone beyond the Intermediate zone.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) - F; b.1938; need info
Aeon Centre of Cosmology Aurobinbdonian Integral Intuitive Intellectual "Translucent" with some Subtle? neutral narcissist None Very small following, a number of weighty books and several websites
Comments: - Has written a number of books, based on "Vedic" astrology, numerology, and the teachings of The Mother. Highly inflated claims to be an avatar in the "Solar Line" of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Also asserts that her son is the reincarnation of Sri Aurobindo. She seems to have a hypnotic hold over those few people who became her disciples, indicating influence at the level of the Affective worlds with some basic Intermediate Zone. She seems to have a resentful attitude towards followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother because they fail to acknowledge her and her son as supramental avatars; her disciples have been highly antagonistic towards members of Auroconf (the Sri Aurobindo mail list). Following seems to be very small. Has published a number of books and has two websites. One of her supporters was been active on Wikipedia. As a result of numerous "vanity spamming" and supposed non-notability (I disagree with the latter), her Wikipedia hagiography and associated pages have been deleted; much of it has been reposted on Integral Wiki.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabupad (Prabupad) M; 18961977; India, then USA
International Society for Krishna Consciousness ("Hare Krishnas" Vaishvanite Devotional Appears to be mundane consciousness only selfless neutral None (but abuse by others after his death) Established worldwide religion; very big
Comments: - A sincere and decent teacher, never bused his position in any way.  His teachings however are nothing but fundamentalist Vaishvanism.  Not an enlightened being.
Hare Krishna sect remains a viable "New Religion" (albeit a fundamentalistic one).  Respected among hippy/alternative people because of strong Vegetarian stance.  After Prabhupad's death there were some nasty goings on in the leadership of his organsiation. At least one of his personally appointed successors was chaged with racketeering and conspiracy to murder.

Prem Rawat; formerly Guru Maharaji M; b.1957; India, then USA
Divine Light Mission, Elan Vital "The Knowledge" is from Sant Mat Nondual Mundane (Subtle through use of his technique?) The fact that he eventually gave up his guru trip is impressive Wikipedia link Criticism on Wikipedia Formerly huge following in the West
Comments: - The ice-cream eating boy guru hailed as an avatar or "The Lord Of The Universe"; basically an average Joe, his status as a master is luducrious.  I heard him talk when he came to Melbourne. In no way an enlightened being. Made millions from his devotees from the 60s onwards, even his own Boeing. I have been told by someone who seems to me respectable that his followers still resort to thuggery and so warned against criticising him publically (I cannot confirm this).

More to be listed...

Do you know of gurus or spiritual teachers (true, fake, or mixture of the two) that you feel should be listed on these pages? If so, please contact me.

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