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The Totally Fake Guru

By Totally Fake Guru I mean someone who knowingly lies in claiming to have wisdom and enlightenment and so on, when in reality all they have is ordinary consciousness. They don't even the most superficial insight into the real spiritual world, or even into the outer aspects of the subtle regions. Their consciousness is totally limited to the mindane world. They may have some power and charisma, but really it is a power, usually

One might posit two types here, the Con Artist and the Showman.

The con artist fake guru (or hypothetical con-artist) uses all the trappings, but this is just a ploy to fool people out of their money or whatever. In other words, good at manipulating people, and creating the whole thing as a scam. They care nothing at all about spirituality or esotericism, to them it is just mumbo-jumbo, but it is also a good way to fool people, so they invent a story or teaching based on a mishmash of New Age or pop guru material that can be read anywhere.

Such a con-artist fake guru would obviously be utterly scrupulous, and cares nothing at all for any of their devotees, manipulating them financially and even sexually for all it is worth. According to many disillusioned ex-devotees, their own former guru was in fact nothing but a fake, manipulator, and con artist.

But really, I don't know if this category even exists, if this category exists they are pretty rare, because con-artists tend to be small time operators preying on vulnerable people which they select individually, and most false gurus seem to pertain to either other categories or to the Intermediate Zone guru type. In my opinion ex-devotees and critics are throwing out the baby with the bathwater when they say their ex-guru is nothing but a con-artist. However I have still included the "con-artist" fake guru for the sake of completeness.

The showman, such as L Ron Hubbard, likewise knows it is just a gimmick, one that he profits himself. This type differs from the con-artist only in having a genuine interest and even belief in what he teaches. Their teachings may therefore be a little more subtle and complex. They put on a good show creating an organisation and manipulating people. Perhaps the showman also may have some genuine motives, but really there is no wisdom or higher insight there. But at the end of the day they do this for selfish motives, to profit themselves.

For the rest, the term "fake guru" can also be used as a synonym for "false guru" in general. Often the false guru may have some genuine insights, but they are deluded in considering themselves to have attained the highest state of consciousness. Inasmuch as they present themselves as something that they are not, they are fakes, even if they do have some genuine light from the Intermediate Zone

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