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The Imaginal World

With the Imaginal World we are in the realm of Occultism, for occultism deals precisely with the dynamics, the interaction, and the effect on our human consciousness of the intermediate worlds.

This brings us also to psychology, for it is the psyche that is being considered here.  But of all the modern psychologists, only the great Carl Jung had a proper insight into these intermediate worlds, even if he reduced them to some sort of "collective unconscious".  Jung spoke of the powerful effect of these worlds - of "the Unconscious" and the psychic constellations or "Archetypes" it contains; on both the individual psyche and the collective psyche of humanity as a whole.  And indeed, what Jung called "Archetypes" are no different to what the Kabbalists and the Islamic Esotericists called Angels, Archangels, and Angel-Archetypes, and what the Neoplatonists called Gods and Daimons.

This is an insight that exoteric religion - with its demand that between a single God-Almighty and the created material world there be no mediating links at all, but only a vast ontological gulf - has lost.  Exoteric religion is unable to bridge the gulf between Creator and Creation, and hence has to take refuge in the idea of a single God-sent revelation - a Torah or Bible or Christ or Prophet - from God to man; an anthropocentric revelation that conveniently ignores all the other dimensions of the Cosmos.

The esoteric cosmo-theology with its many different orders of Divine and Angelic beings - of Archetypes - bridges the gap between the Transcendent Unmanifest Godhead and the material world.  In this way, esoteric theology becomes esoteric cosmology.  Each of the spiritual hierarchies pertains to a particular World; each World to a particular level of consciousness and existence.

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