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Integral Themes - Divinisation

Divinisation is central to the Integral Transformation and Integral Philosophy, but only two great Integral visionaries have written about this: the Jesuit theologian and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who in the Link to Amazon com The Phenomenon of Man and elsewhere refers to the Omega Point, and Sri Aurobindo, who in The Life Divine and other works refers to Supramentalisation. Sri Aurobindo's understanding is more advanced; for him, matter itself, down to the intraphysical Inconscient, is transformed. For Teilhard there is only a sort of collective transcendence. This latter reminds me a lot of New Age ideas on Earth Ascension, although the New Age ideas are derived from Jose Arguelles, although it is not impossible that Arguelles read and was influenced by Teilhard. For this reason, I consider that Teilhard's inspiration goes no furthyer than Higher Realisation (via the gnostic mental), in contrast to Sri Aurobindo whose inspiration is from the Higher Divine stage and hypostasis

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