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This page is sort of stubby for now. But it is interesting that Evolution is an important theme among phoilosophies referred to as Integral, in view of the fact that beyond Teilhard and Jantsch, none of the modern proponents (apart from yours truely, I don't want to seem immodest, but, well, Palaeos com the history and evolution of life is one of my big interests) seem to have a good understanding of this subject. Ironically, no-one refers to Darwin as Integral, although he was the one who popularised the whole thing. In fact some so-called integralists, like Ken Wilber and some editors of EnlightenNext, really seem to dislike Darwin and Darwinism, preferring Intelligent Design. Have a look at the book Integral Ecology, almost no mention of evolution! Whereas in Andrew Cohen's EnlightenNext magazine, and in Cohen's own teachings, evolution is some vague wishy washy idea by which through being aware of one's own consciousness the world can be made into a paradise. Actually it is no wonder that Cohen, a very imprecise thinker, became a follower of Wilber, although Wilber isn't a very systematic thinker either.

Within the mainstream Integral movement, or Integral Philosophy as a whole, the main influences of Evolutionary thinking are:

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's profound synthesis of Science and Christianity in his own Evolutionary Theology seems to be forgotten or unknown; I suppose because Wilber dosen't like him (neither does Jantsch, who prefers Whitehead). In my own case I am fascinated by parallels between Teilhard and Sri Aurobindo, and not the only one to observe these (Catholic scholar R.C. Zaehner and K.D. Sethna can also be mentioned here). Hence an Integral Philosophy has to be based at least on these two great thinkers, I would also through in Jantsch's superb and classic Self-Organizing Universe as well

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