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Schools that to some extent incorporate a general Integral paradigm

Note: The following is taken from my Wiki link Integral Wiki page on this subject. My thoughts on the Integral paradigm and Integral philosophy have developed a great deal in the intervening several years; fpor exampole, I no longer use the term "Integral movement" (if it appears without comment on this site it means that the page in question still needs to be revised, or have a disclaimer notice like this one on it)

Main Schools and traditions

Among those who might be reasonably included under the umbrella of Integral Movement [note: now I would say "a general Integral paradigm") would be (in alphabetical order and no particular preference)

Others who might be included under the Integral umbrella are

Others including Max Theon, Whitehead, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, Koestler, Maslow, Grof, A. H. Almaas, etc. Nicolai Hartmann is another important person, now mostly forgotten.

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