The Four Quadrant Model of the Brain

Ned Herrmann's Whole Brain Model

Diagram from Models of the Brain - Theories of Brain Organisation by Charles Cave

Wikipedia link Ned Herrmann combined the Triune Brain model of Paul McLean with the Left/Right Brain hemisphere theory of Roger Sperry to form a model of the human brain with two paired structures, the two halves of the cerebral system and the two halves of the limbic system.  (the basal or Reptilian brain being not included in this model, or else include along with the Limbic).  This adds to the celebral cognitive/intellectual polarity of left-right a limbic visceral, structured and emotional polarity of left-right.  The four-sided model of thinking styles are metaphorically attributed to four regions of the brain. These four quadrants (A, B, C, D) may be characterized as: A-logical, B-organized, C-interpersonal, and D-imaginative. Creativity is a process involving all four quadrants.  Also incorporated is the theory of dominance. Wherever there are two of anything in the body, one is naturally dominant over the other. Hence right or left handed, brained, etc

Modes of Thinking

Ned Herrmann
Carl Jung
Christopher Hills
personality type
personality type
personality type
Chakra in
Emotional Body- aura
Upper (cerebral) right D  imaginative, synthesising, artistic, holistic and conceptual modes. Intuitive Thinking Violet Creative type Sahasrara
The lower (limbic) right C interpersonal, emotional, musical, spiritual and the "talker" modes. Intuitive Feeling Indigo Intuition type Ajna
Blue Feeling type Vishuddha
The lower (limbic) left B controlled, conservative, planned, organised and administrative in nature. Sensation Feeling Green Self-assertive type Anahata
The upper (cerebral) left A analytical, mathematical, technical and problem solving. Sensation thinking Yellow Intellect type Manipura


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