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The Brain

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The Triune Brain

Left Brain/Right Brain

The Four Quadrant Brain

Psychology and polarity in the Brain and Nervous System (Stan Gooch)

Brain Wave Frequencies

web page Brain Wave Frequencies by Richard Haider a chart showing the four types of brain waves: beta, alpha theta, and delta

web page Speculations on one psychophysiological aspect of Integrated thinking; left brain/right brain synchronization

General Links

Brain and Mind - online journal - electronic magazine Brain and Mind -
Electronic Magazine on Neuroscience

web pagelinks page Miscellaneous Brain Links - an assorted collection of annoitated links dealing with the brain: - from the Left Brain/Right Brain page- note - some of these links may no longer work

web page The Brain - part of Creativity WebCreativity Web by Charles Cave

web page Brain Structure and Function

electronic book The Macrocosm Within - by Dr. Edward F. Block IV, Ph.D. - This on-line book presents an interdisciplinary approach that combines and neurophysiology and the brain with Astrobiology, Astrology, Metaphysics, Psychology, Qi, Yoga, describes the Subtle Energies of Man, thw manner in which they flow and provide basis for growth, development and creative expression.

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