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Kundalini Effects

Beneficial or adverse effects.

The kundalini process is usually unrecognised and unexpected, and often results in apprehension, anxiety, panic and fear: "utterly paralysing waves of panic/anxiety for which there is no obvious cause" as one experienced person puts it.

However, most of those who have reported a kundalini experience say that they are better persons as a result, but there are reported cases of unfortunate results and even of death. The traditional attitude is that one should not seek kundalini unless one is "pure". This seems to contradict the spontaneous arousal that seemingly occurs regardless of purity. Why then is there this traditional attitude? Perhaps it is because it is necessary to accept the process rather than attempt to hasten it in order to obtain occult powers? Certainly it would seem unwise to unleash great energies within the body if they cannot be controlled, and it is good advice to guard against tampering with something that is not fully understood by the "patient" nor, perhaps by a "guru" that is generating kundalini energy in someone else's body


So what can a person who thinks that he or she is experiencing a kundalini arousal do?

1. It is essential to eliminate other possible causes by seeking medical help. (There is a reported case of a person who died because he thought his symptoms indicated a kundalini event when it was in reality a heart attack!).

2. If no physical or mental illness is found, try to understand the process: read what you can and search the web, if possible, find and talk to somebody who can help.

Note that kundalini symptoms have often been confused with schizophrenia, so avoid being diagnosed incorrectly with this condition!

Possible Action

There is considerable difficulty in assessing what may be happening when suffering from obvious physical symptoms, which may mimic various different illnesses, that are all 'proved' to be non-existent by multiple medical tests. If this proves to be the case acupuncture or walking barefoot on wet grass may help to dissipate energy. Some strongly recommend a reduction in the time spent in meditation until there is a lessening of symptoms.

However the courageous thing may be to do nothing, except listen to your inner self and observe what is going on. If you decide on the "do nothing" course, and you know a clairvoyant, get that person to observe what is happening.


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