The Maharishi Effect

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"In 1974 it was discovered in four cities in the U.S.A. that when the number of people participating in the Transcendental Meditation Programme reached one per cent of the city's population, the trend of rising crime rate was reversed, indicating increasing order and harmony in the life of the whole city.

"Research scientists named this phenomenon of rising coherence in the collective consciousness of the whole society the Maharishi Effect, in honour of Maharishi, who predicted this effect as early as 1960, at about the time he started his worldwide movement of Transcendental Meditation.  esearch involving several hundred other cities subsequently replicated this original finding.

"The Extended Maharishi Effect: In 1976, with the introduction of the more advanced TM-Sidhi Programme, a more powerful effect was expected.  The first major test of Maharishi's prediction took place in 1978 during Maharishi's Global Ideal Society Campaign in 108 countries: crime rate was reduced everywhere.

"This global research demonstrated a new formula: the square root of one per cent of a population practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme morning and evening together in one place is sufficient to neutralize negative tendencies and promote positive trends throughout the whole population. This much-reduced requirement - in many cases just a few hundred individuals practicing Maharishi's Vedic Technology of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme to bring life in accordance with Natural Law for a whole nation - enabled this discovery to be repeatedly verified on the city, provincial, and national levels.

"The Global Maharishi Effect was created when Maharishi promoted Yogic Flying in large groups-approximately the square root of one per cent of the world's population.

"Through the Global Maharishi Effect, the 'field effect' was witnessed, strengthening positive and harmonious trends in world consciousness.

"The greatest evidence of this effect was when the enmity between the two superpowers (Soviet Union and U.S.A.) ended in a friendly handshake (1988).

"The phenomenon of the Maharishi Effect (like the phenomenon of the Meissner* Effect in Physics) discovered by scientists has repeatedly verified that coherence in collective consciousness and positivity and harmony in national consciousness is produced by the group practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation. This has proved to be a formula to create irreversible world peace and Heaven on Earth - all good to everyone and non-good to no one - the basis of a coherent, integrated society and a perfect government.

"With this, the two thousand year old gospel of suffering is soon coming to an end, and a new civilization, Vedic Civilization of enlightenment and fulfillment, is dawning.*

"Many carefully controlled experiments on the Maharishi Effect have appeared in leading scientific journals such as the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Crime and Justice, Social Indicators Research, and Journal of Mind and Behavior.

"These studies have utilized the most advanced and rigorous research designs and statistical methodologies (time series impact assessment analysis, a special case of Box-Jenkins transfer function analysis) to precisely evaluate the effect of large coherence creating groups on standard sociological measures of the quality of life in cities, provinces, nations, and the world.

"These studies have rigorously demonstrated the power of the Maharishi Effect to a degree of certainty that is unparalleled in the sociological sciences, and even in the physical sciences. Thus the Maharishi Effect has been more extensively documented and thoroughly established than any other phenomenon in the field of scientific research. The Maharishi Effect in itself proves the existence of the Unified Field of Natural Law and man's ability to operate from this level.

"The Maharishi Effect is rising in the world. World consciousness is being constantly purified. Already a new awakening of freedom is being witnessed in the world. The transformation of political, economic, and social values is taking place in the whole world with a fast pace.

"As the Maharishi Effect is purifying world consciousness, old principles that were guiding life in the age of ignorance are being replaced by new principles that will guide life in the world in the dawning Age of Enlightenment."

Maharishi Vedic University: Introduction
India, Maharishi Prakshan, 1995, pp. 2277-283

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