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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Hegel - image from Hegel Filosopfia

Hegel was the last of the great metaphysical philosophers. He sought to create a grand synthesis of all human knowledge. Like Proclus he explained Reality in terms of the dialectical unfolding of a three-fiold absolute. Unfortuantely, his magnificent attempt no longer fitted in with an increasingly more secular world However his philosophy was adapted in a very prosaic manner by the socio-economic philosophy Wikipedia link Karl Marx, who turned Hegel's dialectic upside down. According to external link Kai Froeb (Kais Hegel-Werkstatt)

"Marx used some concepts of Hegel, like some parts of Hegel's work in his works. One can find echoes of Hegel's logic, Hegel's philosophy of history and Hegel's analysis of the modern society (like alienation, abstract work). Marx made some fruitful extensions to Hegel's philosophy of history and Hegel's analysis of modern society. However,...(h)e missed many implications of Hegel's work and misinterpreted completely the basic forces behind Hegel's concepts."
Kai Froeb, external link Hegel and Marx

More recently, the transpersonal psychologist and grand synthesis philosopher Ken Wilber refers to Hegel as one of the sources of inspiration of his own evolutionary philosophy. Perhaps, in a more progressive world, Hegel's ideas may once again return in importance.

Hegel on Consciousness

Hegel and Marx

Marxism and the Hegelian Dialectic

Hegel and Jungian Metaphysics

Illustration of Hegel's Encyclopedia
The Hegelian System
Illustration of Hegel's Encyclopedia
from Hegel, Marx & Derrida - University of Melbourne Summer School 2000
by Andy Blunden and Geoff Boucher
The Hegelian System
(in German)
very well laid out, in terms of diagrams

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