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The Planes of Existence

Concentric planes of existence. A stylised diagram. Here the physical is at the center, represented as teh denser darker region, while around it are are a series of progressively more subtle and light regions. Based on a diagram at Esoteric Science (external link The Multi-dimensional Universe) The theme of concentric planes or universes is also found in Kabbalah. Of course, all these are stylisedrepresentations, as the planes of existence do not actually have a spatial relationship with each other; except for the Physical, all teh planes are beyond space and time, and hence cannot be represented in terms of spatial relationships.

Historical Comparison:

Sant Mat


Integral Paradigm
The New Age

Planes of Existence - methodological considerations
Overview of Planes of Existence
Physical Plane

Orectic / Astral
Mental Plane (Abstract Mind)
Middle Noetic Plane (Angelic)
Higher Middle Noetic Plane (Archangelic)
Higher Noetic Plane (Arch-Archangelic/Archai)
Highest Noetic Plane (Divine-Angelic)
Transcendent Divine
Planes of Existence - Links

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