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Pre-modern Psychology

The Dawn of Psychology
Plato and Aristotle
Indian Psychology

Western Psychology
(Established Mid-Nineteenth Century or later)

Experimental Psychology
external link Structuralism (James, Wundt, etc)
external link Functionalism (John Dewey)
Freudian Psychology and Psychoanalysis
Jungian Psychology
external link Gestalt Psychology

More Recent Schools of Psychology
(Established Mid-Twentienth Century or later)

external link Cognitive Psychology
Personality Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Humanistic Psychology (Abraham Maslow)
Transpersonal Psychology
Integral Psychology

Web links Links Web links

Web Page What is Psychology - good general overview

World Wide Web Virtual Library Psychology WWW Virtual Library - comprehensive annoitated list of links, arranged by subject

Web Pagediagramslinks Online Psychology Degrees & Resources a psychology degree information and resource guide, with an excellent cxollection of links to research tools, writing guides, journals, book lists, etc.

Web Pagesdiagrams Theories of Personality - excellent introduction to a number of psychological theories, making good use of diagrams

Web Site Gerard Keegan's Psychological Site - includes a very useful glossary

Web Sitediagramslinks Psychological Issues in Spirituality - gives a good but brief summary of various theories and typologies of personality, mostly from a Christian perspective

Web Site Links to current psychology news articles.

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