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Egodeath (here spelt as a single word) is the state in which all sense of separation in the individual from the rest of the cosmos and from the Supreme is removed. One who has attained egodeath is totally empathic, infinitely compassionate, giving, loving, and automatically possesses gnosis and abides in a state of nonduality.

Egodeath is a sign of all great spiritual masters, and also one of the characteristics of Realisation. However, egodeath is not the same as Complete or Authentic Realisation. One may attain a state of egodeath yet still behave irrationally, chaotically, or even at times seemingly capriciously. This is because egodeath is easier to attain than total transmutation of the samskaras (tendencies) of the external being or vehicle (adhar)

Authentic spirituality means going beyond ego, when the witnessing consciousness is no longer identified with thoughst and desires the "I" or ego comes to an end. This is the natural state of nonduality.

However there is confusion because there are gurus who have nondual gnosis but at the same time retain egoistic narcissism; these can best be explained in terms of intermediate zone / partial realisation. They are distinguished from genuine partial and complete realisers in that for the genuine ones the ego is dissappearing, being replaced only by the authentic state of non-self (i.e. non-finiote self, there is only the original nature)

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