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Reality in Itself

Note: This section needs to be revised. I had originally incorpoarted material on metaphysical speculation from earlier pages in the old Kheper version 1 - The Nature of Realities | Kheper version 2 - The Integral Paradigm (first version) series, but as my ideas have developed since then, I would like at some point to write an updated version, emphasizing "Thusness". However, of equal relevance are the Realisation, Nonduality, Divinisation pages. Of these, Realisation refers to what is generally called "Enlightenment" (although I now avoid using this word because it has been so abused by fake "gurus"), Nonduality refers to Thusness experienced through impersonal jnana (Self-Realization) rather than personal bhakti (I need to set up a page for God-Realization), and Divinisation is the process by which Soul-, Self- and God- Realization leads to the transformation of matter itself

My current understanding of Reality and Realisation as generally described is that this does not represent the Supreme Absolute Reality in itself, but rather the Absolute as experienced from the perspective of the inner physical, emotional, and mental being. This insight is inspired by certain comments of Sri Aurobindo (I don't recall the reference), as well as his distinction between nirvana and integral ascent-descent. I therefore place Realisation above the Three Worlds, but below the Divine Godhead region.

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