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Image of Reincarnation. I first noticed this striking image is in the local Crossways (Krishna Consciousness cheap food) center in Melbourne. It very much represents the ascetic, despairing view of the inevitability of reincarnation as found in world-negating forms of Eastern religion; very different to the Theosophical, Aurobindonian, and New Age interpretations, in which the theme of spiritual evolution predominates. Humanity, emerging from atavistic aquatic forms, represents a brief opportunity for liberation. But if this chance is missed, consciousness sinks again into the inconscient waters (represneting perhaps the Collective Unconscious). Note the absense of bardo in this image; traditional Hinduism sees reincarnation as instantaneous, liek a candle passing a flame to another candle. In contrast Buddhism, Neoplatonism, Hermeticism, Theosophy, and Integral yoga philosophy posit an intermediate between lives stage.

Reincarnation - introduction:
Reincarnation - the traditional Indian position
Reincarnation / Gilgul in Kabbalah
Reincarnation according to the esoteric philosophy of Max Heindel (diagram)
Reincarnation - The Oriental view refurbished as a simplified theosophy - Arvan Harvat
Some speculation on Reincarnation and the Nature of Existence - Arvan Harvat
The Reincarnation and Evolution of the Higher Self
The Soul and the Afterlife - from The Mother's Agenda
Multiple Selves and Reincarnation
Reincarnation - some Links
Reincarnation - a few books

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