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passages on the Mystical and Numinous experience
from Andrew Wilson - Readings from World Scriptures

The Unitative State
The Transcendent, All-Pervasive Reality
The Formless

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  Bnai Brith Interactive - Jewish resources, includes:
International Jewish Monthly On-line

The Holocaust The Holocaust, taught by Michael Berenbaum who headed Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation and the US Washington Holocaust museum.

Understanding Jewish History, Steven Bayme, 1997  (extracts)

Web SiteALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal is a non-denominational organization dedicated to applying the ancient wisdom of our tradition to the creation of a spiritually meaningful Judaism for our time.

Web SiteKAVANNAH - Resources for Kabbalah and Jewish Meditation - by Michael Sidlofsky

Love Rules Love Rules: Winning the Game guided by Shmuley Boteach, author of Kosher Sex.

linksMark A. Foster's Religious Studies Resource Links

Web SiteTikkun Magazine - A BIMONTHLY JEWISH CRITIQUE OF POLITICS, CULTURE & SOCIETY - the web site contains a sampling from Tikkun Magazine, as well as material not available in print.

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