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Note: Some Qabbalah concerned matters are discussed on my own home page and on forum Tradition, but only in Russian language. (

I am very interested in some developments and arguments against my proposition of existence of the greatest opposition between manifestationist-esoteric trend and creationist exoteric trend in jewish mysticism. I have proposed only rough schema. It could and should be refined. But it seems to me that refuse to accept the creationist base of the essence of jewish religion, of abrahamic tradition in its essential points, the very special idea of creation of the World parting from NOTHING (Book 2 of Maccabees) is something very strange. We could defferently appreciate the contradiction in trends of Jewish tradition,
we could stress the differences or try to ignore them, but they exist and the sabbataist-movement is the extreme exemple of the metaphysical importance that they could obtain in some case. It would be more usefull to try to define wich points all trends of judaism have in common after all, and summarize it would very noble task.

From my part I cannot accept the act of dismiss so easely the Great Work of Gershom Sholem (how "romantic Zionist" he could be!) and its theoretical results. Without preliminar and exhaustive explanation I can not leave Sholem apart and consider his ideas as something "personal" and "questionable". For me he remains the line to follow in my comparative studies of religions. As Guenon and Jung in other domains do.

There are some very important points:

The negative response to my posting was besed on these presuppositions.  I would like to know the meaning of other participants and above all the sage moderator of this mailing-list concerning these points. Sorry for my awkward English.

Shalom, chaverim

Yours in sparks


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Yakov Leib


Dear Chaver Alexander,

I'm sorry to have given you, and possibly others, the wrong impression: my reaction to your post was not at all negative, but very positive. I only took exception to one point (which seems to have become the focus of what you said) that is, the distinction between "two lines" of Judaism. As Professor Huss (who, I believe, agrees with me that your synthesis of Sabbatian Kabbalah and Russian philosophy is brilliant) points out, such a distinction is arbitrary and often misleading. All the early Kabbalists were "rabbinic" as well, seeing no distinction between the two.

I suppose my small objection was that Judaism is (as you are making clear in these later postings) far too ancient and complex to be reduced to "two" lines of anything. Even "Kabbalah" is not monolithic, consisting of MANY lines of transmission, rather than only one -- all of them different and the same at the same time. That is the paradox: that two things that are different than a third thing can be the same as each other.

Do svidanya,

Yakov Leib

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Tue, 26 Oct 1999

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Professor Alexander Dugin is an occultist and mystic of the Guenon Traditionalist orientation. He is opposed to the Western secular materialistic society, and an advocate of the traditional values of Euroasian civilization. His web site is called Arctogaia, meaning The North Land, refering to a mythical polar continent and spiritual axis.

external link Yakov Leib haKohain is a Jewish poet, author, teacher and Sabbatian Kabbalist. He holds a doctorate in Jungian Studies and Comparative Religion, and his poetry and essays have appeared in a number of literary magazines and scholarly journals. He is founder and moderator of the Donmeh West forum

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