The Limitations of Science

internal linkScientific Method, which is a relatively recent historical phenomenon, is one of the most potent means of understanding its particular aspect of reality.  In different metaparadigmthe metaphor of the Blind Men and the Elephant, the blind man who employs Scientific method would probably learn much more detail concerning the part of the elephant he touched then the others would about the parts they touched.

Unfortunantely, some individuals claim that the fact that scientific method is so good at describing that little part of reality it is in contact with somehow means that all the other realities it is not in contact with do not exist.   This rather absurd assumption, known as new topicScientism, forms the basis for many modern general linkmaterialistic and rationalistic philosophies.

Another problem in modern science is institutionalisation, the way at science has become caught up in bureaucracy and large organisations.  The 19th century free scientist is long since gone.

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