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plain (ascii style) pageon-line essay The Coming Technological Singularity - Vernor Vinge - here is the plain ascii  edition of the seminal 1993 article. If this is a bit heavy, try some of the following sites first

Web Site Singularity Watch - Understanding Accelerating Change - excellent intro by John Smart.

Web Site KurzweilAI.net - encylopaedic coverage of topics relating to the singularity, artificial intelligence, posthumanism, nanotech, and more. By the author of The Age of Spiritual Machines

3 Laws Unsafe3 Laws Unsafe - Asimov's Laws and I, Robot includes articles by several authors, weekly poll questions, a blog for announcements and commentary related to the movie I, Robot and the Three Laws, a free newsletter subscription, and a reading list with books on relevant topics such as the future of AI, accelerating change, cognitive science and nanotechnology.

Web Site Singularity Action Group
"The mission of the Singularity Action Group is to promote a Singularity for the good of mankind through public education and direct action in the development of Singularity technologies. We believe that everyone can help make the Singularity a success. As our name implies, talk is good but action is better."

Atomjack node Singularity - a good interdisciplinary intro

on-line essay Transhumanism and the Singularity - Mitchell Porter - short intro

Principia Cybernetica WebThe Socio-technological Singularity - good unbiased critical intro

web pageslinks The Singularity - Anders Sandberg's coverage of the topic

Web Site AcceleratingFuture An information resource on the philosophical, moral, and societal implications of probable near-future technologies, and the huge opportunities they offer to human flourishing, if utilized wisely. Central topics include accelerating change, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, intelligence enhancement, the Singularity, and existential risks.

Web Site Working Towards Apotheosis Website of Michael Anissimov, prominent Singularity writer and advocate. Contains writings on life extension, transhumanism, and Singularitarianism.

web page THE FUTURE: stages in future evolution - by Philipp Leonard Keller. A superb page full of fantastic ideas and possibilities about singularity and post-singularity terran and cosmic evolution. Not surprisingly, this material bears the frequent stamp of the Anders Sandberg, one of the foremost visionaries in the field. Contents include:

Staring into the Singularity - an online text, by Eliezer S. Yudkowsky.  A detailed, profound, and basically optimistic account.

web page The Plan to Singularity - another interesting essay by the redoubtable Yudkowsky.

web page Creating Friendly AI 1.0 - The Analysis and Design of Benevolent Goal Architectures - "describes the design features and cognitive architecture required to produce a benevolent - "Friendly" - Artificial Intelligence. Creating Friendly AI also analyzes the ways in which AI and human psychology are likely to differ, and the ways in which those differences are subject to our design decisions." - want to know how to build a Singularity-grade AI? Eliezer Yudkowsky tells all in this useful instruction manual (part of The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence)

web page General Intelligence and Seed AI 2.3 - Creating Complete Minds Capable of Open-Ended Self-Improvement - "The purpose of this document is to describe the principles, paradigms, cognitive architecture, and cognitive components needed to build a complete mind possessed of general intelligence, capable of self-understanding, self-modification, and recursive self-enhancement." - who else but Yudkowsky? (another great contribution brought to us by the folks at The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence)

on-line essay Surviving the Singularity - by Steve Alan Edwards - this on-line article ( a precis of what the Singularity means, and interview with a panel of extropians and transhumanists) originally appeared in 21C magazine.  I remember reading that issue; it was my first introduction to mind-numbing awesomeness that is the singularity meme. It literally changed my whole way of looking at things around; I could never see the future in the same way again.

Web Siteon-line essays Singularity - the organisation - This site is dedicated to those technologies which are most likely to take mankind to Singularity.

plain pagemail list A Future Evolution? - from the external linkGAIA-L mail list

Post-singularitan Science Fiction Worldbuilding

Web Site Orion's Arm - an epic multi-authored hard science fiction worldbuilding project set in a post-singularity future. I initiated and co-founded this project back in June 2000

Web Site Red Galaxy - a new collaborative worldbuilding project founded 2007 and set in a post-singularity future. Strongly inspired by Orion's Arm but with a less extreme upper tech range

One may ask the question of whether or not the "singularity" idea really is
something that is going to happen, or is just a technolo-mythological update of the
standard Judeo-Christian eschaton meme that has dominated our culture for the
past 2000 years?  Time will tell....

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