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The Emotional Body, according to Barbara Brennan
(from her book Hands of Light)

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The Emotional body, being more refined than the physical Etheric body, is the source of consciousness of the Etheric body, although it also depends on the energy of the Etheric body for its sustenance.  It is the physico-etheric locus of the emotional being, of feelings and emotions, physical likes and dislikes, sensual enjoyment, and aesthetic appreciation.  In Jungian typology, this corresponds to the Feeling Faculty.  In popular speech, the gross emotional body is referred to as "the heart", as opposed to the gross mental body or "the head".  This refers to the location of the different energy-centres predominant in each.

Most Esoteric, Theosophical, and New Age writers say that the emotional and the astral bodies are the same.  This is not true.  The emotional body, as here referred to, only pertains to the Etheric Plane of the Universe of Asiyah (the Physical Universe).  The Astral body pertains to the lower half of the Psychic Universe.  However, there is certainly an intershading or continuation between the two, because the Emotional body is the Physical resonance or octave of the Psychic  being (including the Astral).  So there is a connection - just as, say, middle C and a higher octave of C are both notes of C - but not an identity.

Just as the Emotional etheric is dependent on, but also provides consciousness to, faculties below it, so the Mental body (or psyche) is both the source of consciousness of the Emotional body, and depends on the energy of the Emotional body for its sustenance.  It is also the origin of consciousness of the the Physical Mind, which in turn is the origin of the Mental Subconsciousness.

Whereas the Etheric body is usually described by clairvoyants as being of a uniform grey, blueish, or violet colour, and consists of a matrix or network of lines of force (the nadis, previously referred to), the Emotional body is said to full of amorphous or ever-changing swirls of colour [see illustration at top of page], the colours (and sometimes the shapes as well) representing the predominant emotional characteristic of that person.  An angry or agressive person, for example, will have a great deal of dirty red in his aura, an intellectual person a lot of yellow, a spiritual person blue or violet, and so on.

Christopher Hills and Barbara Brennan both describe the chakras of the Physical Emotional Body as a rainbow sequence, with the Muladhara or base-chakra being red in colour, the Swadhisthana or (in this system) Navel chakra as orange, and so on through to the Sahasrara at the top of the head, which is violet or purple in colour.

The Adyar Theosophists - based on Leadbeater's clairvoyance - refer to a succession of subtle bodies having the qualities of this coloured amorphous auric body - specifically the emotional and mental, but also including the higher mental (causal) and brief accounts of the higher vehicles above that. Barbara Brennan identifies three grades of Emotional body, although confusingly only the lowest of these is actually called the emoional body

The lower, middle, and higher emotional bodies
The Emotional Body The "Astral" Body The "Celestial" Body


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