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Theory of Everything

The following is only a partial and extremely incomplete list of Theories of Everything. Some (such as Jantsch and Lovelock), are purely hard science, others are concerned with psychology or sociology, others with education, others religion or spirituality and science. Where Theories of Everything are not only involved with teh material world, but consciousness and spirituality as well, they become Integral theories or worldviews.

Universal Science
Wikipedia link Theory of everything (physics) (Wikipedia page)
Stan Gooch - Total Man
Clare W. Graves - Spiral Dynamics
Edward Haskell et. al. - Unified Science
Christopher Hills - Nuclear Evolution
Erich Jantsch - The Self Organising Universe Teilhard de Chardin - Evolutionary Theology
external linkErvin Laszlo - Akashic Field (external link)
James Lovelock - Gaia Hypothesis
external link Oliver Reiser - Cosmic Humanism (external link)
Rupert Sheldrake - Formative Causation
Ken Wilber - Integral Theory/Integral Post-Metaphysics
Arthur M. Young - Theory of Process / Reflexive Universe
Integral/Theory of Everything Books
Theory of Everything Links

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