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Intersubjective Stages of Transformation
"Worldcentric"/ Pluralistic/Holistic

The Delusional stage

The Delusional stage is characterised by a paranoid fantasy-world attitude. It differs from the Egocentric/Selfish stage above it in that those who are at this stage are not even aware of the nature of objective or intersubjective reality; all they have is their own fear and shadow projection reflected back at them. All their actions are based on their own ego and shadow dynamics. Yet despite this, those involved and partaking of these actions may still justify their behaviour or genuinely and sincerely think they are doing something good, when they are actually doing the opposite.

The Delusional stage (in this context) is not a stage of evolution of consciousness, but a degenerate stage of certain individuals and groups characterised by narcissism, lack of empathy, lack of gnosis, and lack of spiritual consciousness. These individuals and groups become instruments for adverse forces. Examples here are really dysfunctional cults, terrorist organisations, psychopaths, and the like. Even mainstream society, which is stuck at a Selfishness-ruled "Ethnocentric"/Dualistic Stage, understandably dislikes the Delusional personality or group.

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