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Intersubjective Stages of Transformation
"Worldcentric"/ Pluralistic/Holistic

Intersubjective Transformation

The following then represents a simplistic mapping of moral transformation (selfish to selfless) of the Intersubjective dimension against stages of spiritual transformation. As well as covering the whole gamut of relatedness or empathy, this is also important in distinguishing authentic spiritual teachers from fakes. At the lower end of the spectrum we find many examples of abusive gurus, at the higher, genuine realisers.

Complete Realisation   Individual only

Complete Identity with all beings
Partial Realisation   Individual only

Worldcentric empathy
Individual only

Partial Identity with all beings
Esoteric / Gnostic   Indiv or Group

Traditional "Ethnocentric" Esotericism; realisations based on that
Individual only

Universalist esotericism
Individual only

Sentientist or ahimsa-based esotericism
Mesoteric / Pre-Gnosis / Holistic   Indiv or Group

Cultic gurus, false teachings, spiritual pretenders
Indiv or Group

Traditional esoteric religion, elitist groups
Indiv or Group

New Age movement and similar
Individual only

Sentientist empathy, ahimsa, rare visionaries
Exoteric / Non-Gnosis Indiv or Group

Delusional extremists, Narcissistic individuals
Indiv or Group-SocioCultural

"Power seekers", support for appressive elements of society
Indiv or Group-SocioCultural-Global

Mainstream society, conservativem conventional, position of most of humanity
Indiv or Group-SocioCultural

Social justice, environmental sustainability, participatory rising culture
Indiv or Group

Animal Liberation and similar sentientist groups going beyond specieism
Stage: Delusional Egocentric/Selfish "Ethnocentric"/Dualistic "Worldcentric"/ Pluralistic/Holistic Sentientism
E m p a t h y   ------->

The following describes the various stages in a bit more detail, from the most negative to the most positive Obviously, there are great dualities here, although in the material world these influences are all mixed.:

Evil - deliberately and consciously indulging in and glorifying hatred, cruelty, spitefulness, hurtfulness, etc for their own sake. Being a conscious puppet or instrument of adverse forces. The most negative category. Some evil has been or will be converted, other evil refuses to convert and will be destroyed by the Divine victory. In the future world, all evil will be vanquished, or will go to other universes if it is still needed there.

Delusion, Narcissism. Not necessarily unevolved, but delusional and lacking in empathy (because everything is experienced as a projection of one's shadow, hence amorality, scapegoating, the Other as monster. differs from evil in that those involved and partaking of it may still justify their actions or think they are doing something good. In fact they are instruments of adverse forces, and have no understanding of the real world. They are ruled by narcisisim and ego and shadow projection, hence individuals and groups at this state of negative intersubjectivity Tends to be overwhelmed by and obedient to adverse infoleunces. Delusion , Narcissism, lack of empathy, lack of gnosis, lack of consciousness, can only be removed through self-transformation

Egocentric/Selfish. Similar to but not as extreme as Delusion. Very unevolved souls, spiritual light veiled, Ego-shadow, narcissism, lack of empathy, groups tend to Egocentric-exploitive and self-justified and false morality; little or no empathy with outside, experience of universe as revolving around oneself, with the Other as nothing but a satellite in one's own constellation, something or someone to be used, whose only purpose is to stroke one's ego or satisfy one's needs. Collectively and socially, corresponds to what David Korten (The Great Turning) calls Imperial Consciousness: Power Seekers live in their own world, play up to the powerful, and exploit the oppressed. In Integral Theory correspond to egocentric (from where I borrowed the term). Members of this category build up heavy karma which they will have to pay in future lives (which will enable them to progress to higher categories), even if they appear to flourish in this world. Consciousness is dominated by adverse forces, relative to the "ethnocentric"/"dualistic" stage where there is more of an equal balance of Light and Dark.

"Ethnocentric"/Dualistic consciousness - Mainstream Society, ordinary Consciousness (exoteric, non-gnostic), limited empathy, ordinary Intersubjectivity. Conventional morality (which has some good but also entenched injustices). Corresponds to what David Korten calls Socialized Consciousness - "Good citizens" who live in their small world, play by the rules of their identity group and expect a fair reward. In Integral Theory correspond to ethnocentric. This is the baseline level of existence; everything below this is negative or adverse, everything above, positive or spiritual. Spiritual light present but still veiled, limited empathy, "ethnocentric" or dualistic consciousness. "us and them", dualistic chauvinism, sexism, ethnocentrism, and specieism according to outer peer group conditioning and cultural milieu and inner spiritual sensitivity and individual moral standards. Also corresponds (I suppose you could say) to entropy in physics; the universe follows its laws and rules, but ultimately it is running down (heat death), just as current mainstream society is ecologically unsustainable, and leading to an eco-death, rather than a progressive state. Here there is a balance between adverse and higher influences

Pluralistic, Reformist, Evolutionary, Worldcentric - empathy, altruism, changing society, or basic individual spirituality, opening to the Inner emotional being, authentic New Age groups, Spiritual and Earth healing, the Postmaterialistic and cultural creative revolution, Reformist/ Pluralistic/ Evolutionary and Holistic consciousness, which is (ideally) Participatory; Non-Chauvinistic consciousness, humanistic, humanitarian, compassionate, and idealistic. Collectively and Socially corresponds to what David Korten calls Cultural Consciousness - "Cultural Creative" who live in an inclusive world see the possibility of creating an inclusive, susutainable, life-affirming society. In Integral Theory referred to as worldcentric (from which I adopted the term). To some extent Translucent", authentic (non-abusive) pop Gurus, although many so-called Transclucents when they become spiritual teachers and gurus tend to narcissistic egotism and authoritarianism. However, the sincere ones can be placed here participatory spirituality. In the co-action compass (Haskell et al.'s Unified Science) the plus plus or upper right corner. Sentientism also begins here. However the fact that Sentientism is higher than most Holistic categories (e.g. New Paradigm, Integral Theory) shows how limited a simplistic linear model can be.

Sentientism, Total empathy, I-Thou relationship with all beings. True sentientism, acknowleding all beings as persons, regardless of external form or qualities. While it can be associated with the Esoteric/Gnostic stage, this is not always the case. Many esoteric teachings still incorporate appalling chauvinistic and specieist attitudes. Common beliefs include the inferiority of the female principle (e.g. in Kabbalah and Hinduism the female polarity is negative - Gevurah, Maya) and the "animal soul", that animals only have an inferior soul, wheras humans have a divine soul (Kabbalah, Sufism, etc). This shows that these esoteric teachings are still entrenched in dualistic and traditional, authoritarian, "System A" worldviews.

Partial Identity with all beings - transcendence, no longer sense of difference between self and other, siddhis, subtle experiences, shaktipat, contagion (found in most Intermediate Zone/Partial Realisation realisers).

Complete Identity - Transparency to the Supreme - this is the sate in which there is no longer any sense of difference between self and other. It represents Egoless Realisation, relating to all beings, mahakaruna or "Great Compassion", cosmic consciousness and universal love. Beyond Realisation, all further transformation is Integral.

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