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Field of Transformation
Social and Cultural Transformation
Global/Planetary Transformation

Social and Cultural Transformation

Included here is the evolution and transformation of society as a whole. This comes about through the influence of the totality of individuals and communities, groups and movements within that society as a whole.

Such transformation is difficult to achieve, because the center of gravity of such societies is almost always at a very low, exoteric, non-gnostic, level. In the West it is based on religion and secular modernity. In non-Western countries it is almost always religious, generally fundamentalist, interwoven with folk superstitions, and occaisonal esoteric insights from authentic indigenous mystics (village holy men in Russia, Sufis in the Molsem world, yogis in India, etc).

Even more than communities, groups and movements, social and cultural transformation will always lag behind individual transformation, because of the even greater inertia and lesser consciousness in the larger collectivity. Nevertheless there does seem to be something of a revolution of consciousness occurring, especially in the Western world, which can for the sake of convenience be called Postmaterialism

There is the question of whether Socio-Cultural represents one field or two (Social and Cultural). The Wilberians for example distinguish (in the AQAL mandala system) between the Cultural, which is subjective but collective (one aspect of the intersubjective, but not the only one), and consist of shared worldviews such as are mapped out by Beck-Cowan Spiral Dynamics for example, and the Social, which is identified with objective physical ecosystems, human communities, etc. The problem with this interpretation is that both natural-biological and human-ideational eco-systems, societies, and communities have both a subjective and an objective element. Devas for example represent the inner, subjective or consciousness aspect of natural eco-systems. And although this can be addressed by Multiple Perspectives, Integral Ecology, and so on, this is only at the cost of creating even more divisions and subdivisions. If I were to add all the Wilberian subdivisions to all of my subdivisions the whole thing would quickly become totally unmanigable! Therefore I have decided to consider the Social and Cultural dimensions together, as a single unit, while acknowledging that these have an inner and outer aspect which is only transcended at the esoteric and realisation stages. The following then represents a simplistic mapping of Socio-Cultural transformation, from negative to positive.

Delusional. Extremist religion, paranoid or genocidal regimes, gospels of hate; at war with or in league with the selfish and dualistic abovewho have totally lost all contact with larger reality. Puppets of adverse forces.

Egocentric/Selfish. Imperial Consciousness (Korten - SD equivalent is Multiplistic-achievist in part), Social Darwinism (based on the As above, the untransformed lower emotional body, necessary for survival in the wild environment, but only one half of the natural equation), unregulated capitalism, imperialism, jingoism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism (may be religious or secular), dominated by lack of empathy. May be selfish/narcissistic (if secular) or Ego-shadow (if religious) psychological dynamics. Secular and conservative religious factions fight with Reformist ideologies for the heart and soul of the "Ethnocentric"/Dualistic/Baseline mainstream. For example Egocentric/Selfish corporations support polluting the Earth and exploiting Third World people in order to maximise profits, deny climate change for short term gain, and so on. Politicians and political parties will tend to support either Egocentric/Selfish, Ethnocentric, or Pluralistic/Reform/Worldcentric pressure groups. In non-western countries, takes the form of authoritarian regimes, terrorist organisations, and so on. In all cases, under the influence of adverse forces. Of course, even the adverse and anti-divine ultimately further the Divine, so things should never be considered in too simplistically dualistic a manner.

"Ethnocentric"/Dualistic/Baseline. Ordinary society, the moral baseline that needs to be transformed. May be Traditional/Religious, Rational/Modern and similar religio- /ethno- / anthropo- and other -centric society and culture, status quo, most social interactions, Socialized Consciousness, "Good citizens", Conservatism, limited consciousness rather than bad or exploitative. Current world situation; attempts reform of selfish and delusional by selecting some as global pariahs, while maintaining business as usual with others; often actively support them. In natural ecologies and ecosystems takes the form of predation, parasitism, inter-species competition, intra-species competitiveness, old paradigm view of "survival of the fittest" and "nature red in tooth and claw", a subset of the larger synergetic whole. Mix of selfish and altruistic: Some higher influences, but also under the sway of adverse forces, can go either way.

Pluralistic/Worldcentric/(R)Evolutionary. In natural ecologies and ecosystems takes the form of Emergent evolution, ecosystems, ecology. In human societies the movement to pluralistic, postmodernist, multicultural, ecologically sustainable, society, which is resisted by traditionalism. This stage represents a Worldcentric, "Aquarian", emerging Rising Culture/Postmaterialism, which is finally rising to the level of synegetic nature. In the human social realm this reform movement is resisted by traditionalism (and interestingly even by elements of integral movement: egotistic rivalry/jelousy?). Representatives of this stage of development fight with Egocentric/Selfish ideologies for the heart and soul of the "Ethnocentric"/Dualistic mainstream. Inspired by ideational plane pure ideas, but mixed with lower influences. Represents consciuousness under the influence of higher impulses, with the adverse receding

Holistic/Systems/New Paradigm/Integral This is the Rising Culture/Postmaterialism, New Age as subculture, movement to pluralistic, postmodernist, multicultural, ecologically sustainable, societies, which is resisted by traditionalism. The Alternative and New Age and New Paradigm society, including Commercial and pop New Age (where ins ome cases the influences are mixed with baser selfish-imperialistic consciousness), and social and spiritual ideology and Cultural Creatives. Understanding Gaia, nature as synegetic biological and spiritual interactions, quantum mysticism and other ideas. There is the ideal of establishing New global Civilization and Integral world government, not yet achieved. Inspiration is from the ideational and higher emotional plane, pure ideas and empathy

Mesoteric/pre-gnosis The Ideal of New global Civilization; is not yet realised. Inspired by spiritual hierarchies, subtle physical in interaction with gross physical. Mixed energy, some pure ideas, some subtle/astral/spiritual experiences, some lower influences, surface astral/mental

Esoteric/Gnostic. It may be that a few societies e.g. Egypt, India, Tibet, etc attained this in the past (collective esoteric worldview), but this was alwaus mixed up with religious literalism. There is also the New Age/mythic/messianic "Golden Age", as well as traditionalist ideas of a past Golden Age. Devic,, subtle physical spiritual hierarchies behind events and behind the the natural world; Spiritual and esoteric traditions and teachings, celestial hierarchies, Adepts, Realisers, active in the world, but not yet actualised collectively or globally. Inspiration here from subtle physical/astral/spiritual realms (include positive, mixed, and sometimes negative)

Partial and Complete Realisation and above. So far individual only, requires Divinisation to be collectively attained.

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