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Stages of Transformation

Holarchy of Stages of Transformation

A diagram I drew, showing the path of Integral transformation - a holarchy of Stages of Transformation. Each stage is progressively more encompassing, integrating, and more powerfully transformative. The most limited stages are shown as smallest and darkest, representing obscurity, lack of gnosis, and only limited empathy. For simplicity's sake, only five stages are shown in the above diagram, although there can be any number (these are all arbitrary, man-made divisions after all) Here, the five stages are (from lowest/most limited to highest/largest/most expansive dualistic, Holistic, Esoteric/ Gnostic, Realisation, and Higher Divinisation

Integral Transformation is evolutionary, it involves progressive stages. This is the case whether the field or scope of transformation is individual Self-Transformation or Socio-Cultural. Secular Integral Theory, such as Spiral Dynamics, which is based on exoteric developmental psychology and business management, is able to map out the early stages within a limited context, and indeed is very useful, if at times excessively rigid and intellectually limiting, in clarifying these early developmental stages. But to understand both further, esoteric stages of transformation, and also infra-physical and inhuman amoral dimensions, much more encompassing perspectives, such as is provided by Aurobindonian Integral psychology and Integral philosophy, are required.

Using this perspective, Transformation is metaphysically dualistic in that it involves the conversion or dissolution of negative or adverse states which oppose the Divine will. These are the stages of ethnocentric duality, selfishness, delusion, and evil, and repersent their conversion or dissolution. All these negative states without exception are dissolved into or converted or subliminated to Light in the highest positive stages of transformation.

Using an Occult, Gnostic, and Aurobindonian perspectives, it is possible to posit a moral spectrum from absolute evil to absolute good. The stages from ordinary reformist or pluralistic consciousness onwards represent progressive degrees to the summum bonum, the highest good, which is complete divinization. The following list begins with the most negative and progresses to the most positive. The majority of people however are at the stage of "Ethnocentric"/Dualistic consciousness.

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