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Anders Transhuman PageAnders Transhuman Page - The definitive transhumanist resource site on the Web!  Check it out - throw away any limits your imagination might have.  You will never be able to think about the future in the same way again!  Excellent.

World Transhumanist Association World Transhumanist Association

Extropy Institute Extropy Institute.

Wired Meet the Extropians - Wired Archive | 2.10 - Oct 1994
"There's been nothing like this movement - nothing this wild and extravagant - since way back in those bygone ages when people believed in things like progress, knowledge, and - let's all shout it out, now - Growth!
by Ed Regis

T.E.C.H.This site's goal is to provide information on websites, movies, books, etc, pertaining to Transhumanist/Extropian technologies and/or concepts in some way, no matter how small, be it factual or fictional, or represent a step toward such things.


There are many definitions of Transhumanism, but basically it is the philosophy that we can and should consciously evolve beyond our present human limitations, most usually through scientific means.  Through advanced technology individuals will soon be able to transcend the present "human condition," and so become posthuman or transhuman entities.  This may be sooner than you think, if the Singularitymeme has any factual merit to it.

Frequently Asked Questions THE TRANSHUMANIST FAQ by Nick Bostrom et al.

Atomjack node Transhuman

Extropism is considered a subset of transhumanism but the boundaries distinguishing the two are rather blurred.  In a broad sense, extropians being  those who strive to overcoming limits to human possibility, both individually and socially.   The word extropy itself means the opposite of entropy; it is thus the same as Edward Haskellís ectropy and Arthur Koestlerís negentropy.  In a narrower sense they are those individuals who specifically subscribe to the Extropian Principles

Extropy Institute Max More's Extropian Principles   Max More is director of the Extropy Institute.

web page Anders Sandberg's short definition of transhumanism (also a few other definitions on this page as well).  Another definition.

web page Joost Bonsen's transhumanist & extropian principles


Curiously for philosophies that exhort the breaking free of boundaries and limitations, both transhumanism (in its present guise) and extropianism are too often based on rationalistic principles typical of 19th and 20th century materialistic philosophy.  Dr Max More for example looks to Nietzche and Ayn Rand for inspiration.  Many extropians and transhumanists also refer to themselves as athiests, a definition that only has relevence nowadays in relation to religious fundamentalism.  Mark Dery presents a critique of extropian philosophy in his very readable book Escape Velocity. To be fair there are also extropians who expouse buddhist and other worldviews

PUBLIC NETBASEZERO NEWS DATAPOOL PRIMITIVES & EXTROPIANS, by HAKIM BEY  "ANARCHY #42" Anti-copyright 1995 by B.A.L. Press, New York - a somewhat heavy-going essay.  Love the title though!

see also Gaians and Extropians


World Transhumanist Association Journal of Transhumanism - A peer-reviewed electronic journal publishing contemporary research into future science and philosophy

The Hedonistic Imperative

DavidPearce's HedWeb

BLTCBLTC Research was founded in 1995.  "We are dedicated to a compassionate global engineering project of previously unthinkable ambition.  LTC campaign to promote scientific research into eradicating the biological substrates of aversive experience.  Not just in humans, but in all sentient life...."  Think that's an overly ambitious goal?  Well, check em out!

The  Hedonistic  Imperative - This manifesto outlines a global strategy to get rid of suffering in all sentient life. Scrapping the biological substrates of aversive experience is ambitious, wildly implausible, but technically feasible. It is defended here on ethical utilitarian grounds. As a long-term species-project, the biological program is both instrumentally rational and ethically mandatory.  Third-millennium nanotechnology, genetic engineering, eugenics and therapeutic drugs can help us escape from the poisonous legacy of our genetic past. Applied biomedical research will eliminate the atrocious kinds of suffering which today's legacy wetware routinely entails. (from the abstract).  By David  Pearce

Frontier organisations on the web Frontier organisations on the Web - "a list of organizations engaged in various things advanced and frontierish. (This means grand-scale futurism, philosophy,personal and social liberation, and advanced technology)", by Alexander Chislenko - links to all sorts of organisations (not all are futurological though).

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