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The Higher Mental Body

Higher thinking faculty - Intuition

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Christopher Hills identifies this faculty with the colour indigo.   It seems to have elements of all three of Barbara Ann Brennan's higher energy-field bodies, although perhaps closest to the fifth (higher etheric). In Mirra Alfassa's cosmology the higher mental planes are actually associated with a lighter blue, while the astrological equivalent of Uranus-Aquarius would be an electric blue.

Concerning the personality type dominated by this faculty Christopher Hills gives the following insghtful summary

Intuition type
Discontinuity with the past and present gives this type of a personality which is always living in the future. He appears to be impractical and divorced from concreteness because he does not identify reality with the senses. Is continually impatient for the present to catch up with the future already perceived. Not punctual and difficult to tie down to details, fixed concepts, ideas or plans. Instinctive need for communication, sensitivity. telepathy, intuition,. integration, etc.  Places his faith in the future, in the not-yet-manifested: and experiences time as a telescoping of the future into the present, and the past as a dim mist.

Christopher Hills, Nuclear Evolution - Discovery of the Rainbow Body,  p.614 (1977, University of the Trees Press)

This is the Intuition-Thinking type of Carl Jung (prinary faculty thinking - secondary faculty intuition), whether introvertive or extrovertive..

Corresponding Chakra - Manas and Indu (front)

Christopher Hills identifies this faculty with the brow (Ajna) chakra, on the usual grounds of colour number = chakra number. It can be better associated with the higher head chakras such as the Manas and Indu, located in the middle of the forehead.

Corresponding astrological planets and signs

Astrologically the planet associated with the higher intellect is Uranus, whhich rules Aquarius; the sign associated with unconventionality, visionary idealism and innovative discovery.

Corresponding kabbalistic sefirah

A possible equivalence in Golden Dawn Hermetic Kabbalah (Qabalah) might be Daath (spiritual knowledge). In traditional Judaic Kabbalah and especially the Hassidic Kabbalah of the Chabad movement, the corresponding sefirah might be Binah (Understanding).  Note that the Hassidic Binah bears no relation to the Qabalistic Binah, the latter being associated with Saturn.

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