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Single Parameter table

the following table is based on, but differs in sequence, to the seven Seven Chakra theory as interpreted by Christophere Hills (rainbow body)

Absolute type
spiritual consciousness, mysticism
Creative Imagination type
higher creativite imagination, occultism, artistic creativity 
Intuition type
higher head consciousness - visionary imagination
Intellectual type
head consciousness - mental intellect, working with ideas, reason and logic, scientific and rationalistic memes
Feeling type 
tradition, society, religion
Optimistic type
Social egotism and personal expression, lifestyles and fashion, culture, wanting to be seen
Self-assertive type
home life, friends and family, providing for self and those around
Sensation type
Physical pleasures - "sex n drugs n heavy metal (never mind rock n roll!)"

see also A brief introduction to the Chakra System

Two Parameter table

Psychic stratum Chakra Gross
Creative Imagination lower Sahasrara   Creative Imagination
(Introvert Intuition)
Higher Mental (Intuition) Indu & Manas   Intuitive type
(Introvert Thinking)
Middle Mental (Thinking) Ajna Intellectual
(Extrovert Thinking)
Emotional-Feeling Vishuddha
Manipura 2
Extrovert Feeling
Extrovert Intuition
Introvert Feeling
Feeling type
(Introvert Sensation)
Physical-emotional Manipura 1
Extrovert Sensation Introvert Sensation
Physical Muladhara (in part)      

There is no doubt that there are many parallels between the following systems:

  1. the system of seven planes and seven bodies according to the Arya (Leadbeater-Besant) school of Theosophy
  2. The levels of self and spiritual hierarchies in Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy
  3. The "centers" in Gurdjieffian/Ouspenskian psychology
  4. The psychic strata in Sri Aurobindo's theory of consciousness
  5. The ego-compass typology of Jungian psychology
  6. The rainbow body theory of Christopher Hills
  7. Ned Herrmann's The Four Quadrant Whole Brain Model
  8. The Spiral Dynamics psych-sociological stages of the evolution of consciousness
  9. the planets and zodiac signs of modern humanistic astrology
  10. The seven etheric bodies in Barbara Brennan's broadly theosophically-based "Hands of Light" system

These different systems all fit together quite well, apart from the few inevitable difficulties. The result is an overall theory of human consciousness, although whether they can be correlated a la Ken Wilber's integral synthesis into a single linear system is another matter altogether. When I was younger I thought that I could, now I regard such attempts as inflexible and simplistic. This is not to deny the value of creating a taxonomy of archetypes of human (and presumably other sentient) consciousness. The integralists idea of a strictly linear scale is however an illusion; the atomistic linear model represents one polarity (what Stan Gooch would call "ego" or "System A", the non-linear or field/like holistic model is another polarity

Personality tests and typology external links

web page The Keirsey Temperament and Character Sorter

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Typologies in relation to the Evolution of the Earth and the Universe

Just as the phenomena of the cosmos, the Geosphere and the Biosphere can be classified taxonomically, so can the Noosphere.  The Noospheric types in fact can be defined "archetypally", except that these so-called "archetypes" are probably no more - and no less - archetypal than the "archetypes" of the organic world, or of the Chemical Elements, or of different types of stars and galaxies.

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