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Vegetarian and Vegan

some definitions:

Vegetarian - eats vegetable food and animal products (milk, eggs, honey, etc) but no meat or fish.
Vegan - eats vegetable food, no animal products
Fruitarian - eats fruit only (what drops from the plant), no live plants.  Now that's dedication!

Some Famous Vegetarians and Vegans
Vegetarian and Vegan Links

Vegetarianism is one of the single greatest moral issues, if not the greatest, that faces humankind. It is a contentious issue, a taboo, people who eat meat are not bad people, and it is easy look at animal carcasses in shops and supermarkets as if they had grown on trees or assembled from inanimate matter. Even not considering this there are health benefits: since I became vegetarian more than two decades ago my who body feels lighter, more subtle and refined. It is not surprising that many esoteric/spiritual/yogic teachings advocate vegetarianism (sattvic food) even for this reason alone. In any case, I do not force or ask anyone to be vegetarian or vegan, but this is simply a choice I have made for myself. Ultimately it is one's one self that must choose, guided by the principle of spiritual light and sense of empathy and compassion (in Buddhism - mahakaruna) for all sentient life, to do the actions and live the lifestyle they feel is right for them.

Note that Vegetarianism/Veganism/Sentienism and Environmentalism only rarely go together; I myself have noticed that Sentientism seems to be solely lacking in the modern environmental/cultural creative/postmaterialistic/integral movement(s). See also Dissing Cousins: The Dysfunctional Disparity between Vegetarianism and Environmentalism, by Dr. Steve Best.

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