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The website of M Alan Kazlev - esotericist, palaeontology nerd, veganarchist, and hopeful scifi writer.

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The Kheper Book of Gnosis

Emanation and transcendence

A new work in progress
, this will be a hard copy book (about 800 pages), and also in ebook. It streamlines and updates the old Kheper net material, leaving out some, and adding other stuff (as well as fixing the numerous spelling mistakes and typos).

Kheper main pageKheper - Evolution and Metamorphosis

I was going to upgrade and streamline this whole project, most of which is from mid to late 1998 (though including earlier material), with later material added willy-nilly until about 2010. But that would have been an intimidating project, given the size of the Kheper section. And anyway, a lot of its charm comes from its random, disorganised structure. I left out a few pages, especially the Gurus section, which caused a lot of problems because of its confrontational nature. I may at some point put some of those pages back up. Most of it though is still the same as it was on the old kheper net domain name, so please update your links accordingly. The broken links will hopefully be fixed at some point. Most of the external links are no longer current; it says something about the volatility of the Internet. These links will be deleted as I go through the site.

Maybe I'll get around to adding my response to what's happening in the world today; most of which is so freaky, and unimaginable back in 1998, or even 2010. That'll add a fourth layer to the three layers of writing up at the moment.

Regarding the broken links. The internal broken links will hopefully all be fixed (eventually). The external ones will be deleted as I go through the pages. The problem here, especially since most of the original Kheper site is more than twenty years old, is as sites go down or web pages change URLs, it becomes too much work to keep maintaining them. Toby White, the co-author on Palaeos com, had the same problem with links there. I'll only keep a few reliable links like Wikipedia and TVTropes.

Palaeos main pagePalaeos - the Earth through Deep Time

I want to create a new sister Palaeos project here, emphasising the Earth through deep time over phylogeny (phylogeny, the evolutionary tree, can still be accessed at the Palaeos com site). Only a few pages up here at the moment. So far I've only written some notes for the Precambrian. Hopefully something will get organised here.

Storytelling main page Storytelling

Essays and meditations on mythopoesis, worldbuilding, and more. These had appeared on the Freehauler Alcione site, which was supposed to accompany my scifi. Except my obsessive perfectionism meant I kept revising and rewriting the whole thing in typical aspergian manner. So this collection of pages can now stand on their own.

Alcioneverse main page The Alcioneverse

My particular scifi epic; a work that has been seven years in the making (from 2013) and still nothing finished.

Book 1, Growing up Sprawlside, will be a sort of social satire cyberpunk stream of consciousness narrative set on a Bladerunner-esque world that is part of a totalitarian Church and State interstellar empire. It follows the adventures of a 15 yo girl as she and her friends take the genetically enhanced Mean Girls against a background of war against advanced biotech aliens. But every act has consequences, which leads to Book 2, Hustler.

Sentientism main page Sentientism

All sentient beings regardless of species have intrinsic value and moral worth.

Solarpunk main page Solarpunk

It is unlikely that decadent late capitalism will survive the environmental and existential crises it itself has in large measure brought about. Solarpunk offers the possibility of a hopeful yet practical utopian future - high tech, deep green, and sustainable.

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