Freehauler Alcione - 3d model in progress
Freehauler Alcione - 3d model in progress

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Think of the space opera setting of Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Valerian, the world of advertising gone mad in Terry Gillam's Zero Theorem, the bleak dystopia of Ridley Scott's Bladerunner, and the plucky outsiders of Firefly or Farscape.

In the distant future, humanity has spread across the universe but lost Earth.

Civilisation spans stars and galaxies, nestling sparkles of light and warmth among the vast inhospitable infinities of unexplored and uninhabitable space. Humanity, divided into warring factions according to morphotype and ideology, shares the cosmos with various xenoc and AI species, and with things even more alien.

In the theocratic-fascist Kalasteran Imperium, where both alien bodyshapers and neofeudalist corporations vie with the Church for the soul of man. Ruling over all is the beloved God Emperor Sedion innocent III is dedicated to taking back the universe from the xenoc hedonist, the machine replicator, and the nanosocialist heretic.

Our story begins on the huge rotating space habitat of Tarkron, with 16-year old schoolgirl and hoverboard chick Sashi Moda, who enlists the aid of high school hustler Ardie Reevacs and his nerd friend Perryn to take on the well-connected local school bullies.

On another of the billions of habitats in the vast but scattered Empire of Man, loner science nerd and wannabe xenoarcheologist Marcinay Landin escapes his oppressive home life to virch explore planets with his pet cat splice Felicia, fossicking for ancient alien relics in the badlands. Until he's forced to get work as a Wage Slave Driver in a clerical sweatshop.

Meanwhile, in the Ten Libertarian Worlds, young techie geek girl Freedai Reynofar lives with her obsessive compulsive guardian Cort in a cramped apartment full of bots, drones, and junk, on the converted asteroid Marsden, where she's building her own mech.

And out on the newly conquered pirate port of Rarbrarb, in the Rim worlds between the old Salharb Crusade and the Imperium, feisty 15-year old part-time professional shopper and madvert fighter, Kam Valentinon works part time as a professional shopper, while contending with manipulative adults, social status, and neurotic parents.

Eventually they will all meet on the mile-long starship Alcione, at which point their adventure will only be beginning.

Note: the name "Alcioneverse" is etymologically inspired by Buffyverse and Honorverse, except the name honours a spaceship rather than a female protagonist.  However, I do have a feisty female protagonist, well, two or three actually.

The neologism "Buffyverse"  was coined by fans of the popular Young Adult 1990s urban fantasy TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and later adopted by the series creator Joss Whedon  (There's also  a "Firefly Verse" for Whedon's eponymous cult space opera series, although here the emphasis is simply on the "verse" as an abbreviation of Universe, although this term can be equally appropriate).

Clearly inspired by the above, fans of military SF writer David Weber would later coin a similar neologism "Honorverse" to refer to David Weber's books about Honor Harrington (a female version of C. S. Forester's Napoleonic naval hero Horatio Hornblower, but in Space) and the overall worldbuilding around that.

Other franchises in contrast say "universe" or "timeline"; e.g. the Star Wars Expanded Universe, or JJ Abram's Star Trek "Kelvin Timeline",   Or emphasising the mythic rather than the scifi, "saga" or "chronicles" or "ballard" (e.g.  The Chronicles of Riddick, or Alan Moore's The Ballad of Halo Jones)  but I prefer the abbreviated "verse" (especially since I've already got three syllables with "Alcione").

I haven't gotten into worldbuilding here to the extent I did in Orion's Arm for example.  Too much worldbuilding can suck the oxygen out of storytelling.   Tolkien however was the master, in that he could integrate worldbuilding with storytelling.   While some worldbuilding is necessary to define the setting, I expect the rest will emerge organically with the writing.


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