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In cosmic evolution, ontogeny is regulated by the interplay of physical forces and the results, both in the macro- and the microbranch of co-evolution, are passed on in the form of matter. Whereas macroevolution, in this phase, is at first characterized primarily by the condensation of matter, and therefore by conservative self-organization, different processes play a role in the synthesis of matter in microevolution; they also result in equilibrium structures (stable nuclei and atoms) - or it seems so at least from a macroscopic or intermediate angle of view. The increasingly active co-evolution of both branches seems to bring dissipative self-organization of macrostructures - cores of galaxies and stars - into play. Ontogeny dominates in cosmic evolution. However, there is a kind of unordered "phylogeny" in which matter is transferred criss-cross to new evolutionary sequences. As in the later biological phylogeny, complexity is thereby furthered; here in the form of planetary systems. Also, a controlled long-time burning of smaller stars, such as our sun, is ensured by the carbon cycle which depends on the "phylogeny" of some carbon. This controlled burning, in turn, makes the development of biological complexity on our planet possible. The units of this early phylogeny are highly normalized. The particularities of the history of matter transferred in such a way may be reconstructed only in vague contours, primarily by isotopic ratios which, for example, permit the exact dating of a nearby supernova explosion. In this way, we have only recently discovered something about the supernova which acted as a midwife for our solar system.
The Self-Organizing Universe - Erich JantschErich Jantsch, The Self-Organizing Universe - Scientific and Human Implications of the Emerging Paradigm of Evolution, New York: Pergamon. 1980, pp.208-209

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